Writing and promoting your novel on your Note II

A step-by-step guide to literary stardom

With the popularity of literature festivals on the rise, we show you how to buy, read, write, plan and publish books on your Samsung GALAXY Note II

Bath Literature Festival kicks off on this March for 10 days, with 50 events featuring famous authors such as J.K. Rowling, Hilary Mantel, P.D. James, Darcey Bussell, Sandi Toksvig, Robert Fisk, Gavin Esler, A.N. Wilson, Allan Little and Ben Goldacre.

To celebrate this literary love-in we thought we'd show you the best places to use your Samsung GALAXY Note II to source and read books. But not only that, if you have literary aspirations of your own, your Note II will also provide you with great tools to write, structure plots, promote and even sell your written creations on the move.

Here are the Android apps no book lover, or book writer, should be without:

Finding, buying books

Seen a book advertised you fancy? Why wait until you visit a bookshop or wait in for it to be delivered? Nowadays most books are available for you to download to your phone ready for you to read it almost instantly. And the Note II's large screen is perfect for doing just that.

Google Books

The Google Play Books app offers a larger book choice to download than any other provider, and the searchable index includes millions of free books. The reader part of the app will also remember where you are in the book, no matter what device you are reading on.


The Nook ereader app gives you access to Barnes and Noble's range of books, magazines, newspapers, and comics and you can often sample something for free.


If you already have a Kindle account then you can still access and buy Kindle books on your Note II by downloading the app. You may also have use for Push to Kindle (£1.50) which lets you send web articles like news stories and blog posts to your Kindle app for offline reading.

Other ebook readers apps worth checking out include the smooth-scrolling MoonReader and Kobo which both give you access to libraries of free books and let you read library downloads on them.


Sometimes you just want to close your eyes and relax, so why not get the books you buy read to you? From the world's largest provider of audiobooks, the Audible app offers a huge range of popular books that have been given the audiobook treatment.

Book reviews

Good Reads

Not sure whether to buy a book you've seen? The Goodreads app may be the answer. Goodreads is a social network for book lovers, so if you are at a literature festival (or just a bookshop) and want to know what other people think of a book before you make a purchase the built-in barcode scanner will let you find what other people think very fast.

Writing your own

Fancy yourself as a writer? Well there are innumerable apps and tools available on your Note II to help you in that quest.

Note making

When you are writing a book inspiration can strike at any time, but if you don't capture the thought straight away all too often it is gone from the memory when you sit down to write. This is where you can make good use of the Note II's functionality to get the best out of the many Android note-taking apps out there.

For basic writing functionality with zero distractions you could try the free Writer app – a great stripped down text editor with markup functionality that lets you save in plain text format.

A particularly popular app among writers is My Writing Spot (£1.85) – another clean writing app which lets you save your work on to their servers.