The Samsung Galaxy Alpha just keeps on getting more disappointing every time we hear about it.

The latest making it through the rumor mill suggests the smartphone will feature a 4.8-inch 720p screen similar to the Galaxy S3. SamMobile has confirmed the markedly low screen resolution by digging into Samsung's developer console.

The alleged documentation also clearly lists the device as the Galaxy Alpha and not the Galaxy S5 Alpha, as some previous reports have suggested.

Aside from the disappointing low-resolution screen we've discovered the handset won't have a microSD card slot - an odd omission as it's seen on nearly every Samsung device. The Galaxy Alpha is also said to come equipped with 32GB of storage, a fingerprint scanner and a nano SIM slot.

Downward slope

Originally the Galaxy Alpha was thought to be a higher-end mode premium version of the 4.7-inch Galaxy S5. But the re-confirmed 4.8-inch screen size and rumored resolution dims hopes this is handset is a step-up from the S5.

Over the past few days, more and more images of the Galaxy Alpha have leaked out revealing another plastic-backed device from the Korean smartphone maker. As it turns out, Samsung can only produce a very small number of metal-cased devices - as Apple is taking up the majority of China's manufacturing supply.

However, rather than being a full metal-back phone, leaked images show the Galaxy Alpha will take major cues from the Galaxy S5's pocked plastic back and aluminum sides.