Samsung curved screen patent could find use in Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S5

Curved design without buttons on the front

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could sport curves

Samsung is so bent on reducing the amount of bezel on its devices, it may actually bend its next Galaxy Note or Galaxy S smartphone.

New sketches from the US Patent and Trademark Office indicate that the company is interested in manufacturing a phone with curvature that slopes at the edges.

This would make the device look as if it contains no bezel on the sides, according to Samsung Today.

It's being speculated that the Samsung patent could be applied to either the unannounced Galaxy Note 4 or the Galaxy S5, both of which are expected to be announced later this year.

No buttons, but the pen S mightier

If used, this patent from August 2013 would be a new way for Samsung to incorporate its curved phone technology as it appears to be different from the Galaxy Round.

The illustrations match more of what is expected from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 successor, even though the follow-up to the Galaxy S4 is thought to be launching first.

The drawings map out where the S Pen fits in at the bottom of the device. So far, the stylus has only appeared in Samsung's Galaxy Note line of smartphones and tablets.

Surprisingly, the on-paper concept didn't make room for any buttons on the front of the device, opting instead to elongate the screen and a feature a near-zero-bezel design.

Other possible Galaxy Note 4 features

A curved screen isn't the only feature that could come to the Galaxy Note 4. It's possible that the unconfirmed phone will have a 20-megapixel camera and long-distance wireless charging, too.

There's also a rumor that both the Galaxy S5 and Note 4 have will ditch their predecessors' AMOLED displays in favor of more cost-effective LCD screens.

Samsung has yet to respond to TechRadar's inquiry into today's patent discovery, but we'll update this story when we hear back.