Driving Home for Christmas

Samsung is a veritable Santa when it comes to in-car accessories to smooth your ride

Let the GALAXY Note II help you drive home this Christmas

The Christmas drive home can be a miserable trip, despite the promise of hugs and presents and enormous, home-cooked meals waiting at the end.

It's likely to be dark and raining (or snowing, which is far from idyllic once it hits the roads), while every inch of tarmac being packed with similarly sullen drivers is as predictable as a Chris Rea Christmas record playing on Magic FM.

But don't let the B-roads get you down! With the GALAXY Note II as your travelling companion, your Yuletide ride can fuel your festive mood even when the roads are more jammed than a jar of cranberries.

Santa Nav

First up, you know you can rely on Google Maps to get you home, using its brilliant hands-free driving mode.

With the nifty GALAXY Note II-compatible iOttie One-Touch windshield and dashboard car mount securely suctioned to your windscreen, the Note II's large and luminous screen works as well as any dedicated sat nav, and can still be used in either landscape or portrait mode.

The iOttie One-Touch mount can also be used with other Samsung GALAXY products, and can also be used to secure your Note II when charging or using it to stream music on the move.

A night on the TecTiles

Talking of streaming music, you don't even need to lift a finger if you want your Note II to launch your preferred music app (or even play your favourite Christmas track!) as soon as you get into the car.

Using NFC technology and Samsung's ingenious TecTile tagging system, the Note II can be set to switch to specific profiles depending on where it is.

So whether it's launching Bluetooth, turning on the Google navigation app, or even automatically sending a text that says, "Get the kettle on, I'm just starting the car!" simply keeping a pre-programmed TecTile on your dashboard is all you need to do!

Charging down the road

Of course, despite its flexibility, the iOttie car mount isn't for everyone. If you like to keep your dash free from clutter, or if your windscreen is simply too low for a mount, you'll want the discreet and functional Samsung In-car Power Charger.

This not only packs a durable and flexible power cord, but also boasts advanced circuitry to stop your Note II drawing power as soon as it is fully charged.

And if you have other Samsung devices in need of a charge en route, there's even an In-car Power Charger with USB port for plugging in all kinds of handy Samsung kit you might need come Christmas morning.

Battery included

Even if your power socket is otherwise engaged, Samsung is a veritable Santa when it comes to the range of accessories on offer.

Invest in a Samsung Universal Battery Pack and you can still keep your Note II going in the car or wherever you happen to be!

Capable of charging your GALAXY Tab as well as the Note II, it can store up to 9000mAh of battery life and doesn't interfere with the normal use of the Note II, so you can still use it to get directions and hear your text messages – all read out to you via the ingenious Driving Mode, of course!

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