iPad Air 2 may be thinner, but its screen resolution might not be any better

No changes coming to the screen size either


Now that the iPhone 6's announcement is almost here, it seems Apple is turning its attention towards getting the iPad Air 2 ready for its own debut.

New components for Apple's latest 9.7-inch tablet are starting to roll out of supply chains sources, according the DigiTimes, and the parts themselves are revealing.

Sources who've caught wind of touch panel orders claim the next iPad Air will feature the same size screen and resolution as the current version.

As with the iPhone 6, the new iPad will however purportedly have a thinner frame. We caught a glimpse of the iPad Air 2's slimmer front panel in April and it looked like Apple was able to make an even thinner package by fully integrating the display with the front panel.

DigiTime's sources also noted Apple's tablet will come with an "enhanced processor," presumably the company's A8 chip. Lastly it seems the new iPad will finally get a Touch ID sensor, letting users unlock the slate and authorize app store purchases with a fingerprint scan.

A smidgen different

A few leaked screenshots from June revealed some slight design tweaks to the volume and lock buttons. Otherwise, it seems as though Apple will be sticking with the same fit and finish it introduced with the original iPad Air last year.

Tablet photographers will also be happy to know the iPad Air 2 has been rumored to come with an 8MP rear camera coupled with a 1.2MP front snapper.

With the iPhone 6 launch scheduled for September 9, we're anticipating the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 will arrive in October.

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