The best Xbox One Deals in February 2016

The best cheap Xbox One deals available right now

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It's really not hard to find a great Xbox One deal at the moment. But you've come to the right place if you're looking for the lowest possible prices!

Retailers are discounting the console all over the place, offering increasingly low prices for standalone consoles while putting together better and better bundle packages with games and services. On this page you'll find our editor's picks for the hottest Xbox One bundle deals of the week, as well as the cheapest overall prices for standalone consoles.

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The best Xbox One bundle deals this week...


1. Xbox One 500GB | The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt | 14-day Xbox Live Gold | £299.99 @ Microsoft.comXbox One Witcher Bundle

The Xbox One Witcher bundle comes bundled with one of the highest rated games of last year - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. Become monster slayer Geralt of Rivia, go anywhere, and do anything in the biggest fantasy adventure of the next generation. This is a good price for the console and a AAA game and also comes with a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial.

View this deal: Xbox One Witcher 3 Bundle for just £299.99


Xbox One Family Pack

2. Xbox One 500GB | LEGO Movie: Videogame | £284.99 @

This bundle is perfect for people with children in the family. The bundled Lego Movie: Videogame is sure to keep the kids happy and the price itself is very good if you're looking for value. In truth you might be better off going for one of the deals above and buying the game separately but at the moment if you're after a bundle this is worth looking at.

View this deal: Xbox One Family Pack £284.99


Xbox One Division Bundle

3. Xbox One 1TB | Tom Clancy's The Division | £299.99 @ Smyths Toys

This 1TB Xbox One comes with the latest AAA Tom Clancy game - The Division. If you're planning to load up your console with games + movies then this is the bundle for you - The Division pitches you full-tilt into a post apocalyptic future and it's up to you to stop the world going full to pot!

View this deal: Xbox One 1TB Tom Clancy's The Division Console Bundle £299.99


Xbox One Gears of War Bundle

4. Xbox One 500GB | Gears of War: Ultimate Edition | Gears of War 4 Beta access | £264.89 @

This bundle includes a 500GB console with a download of Gears of War remastered. Perfect if you want to relive one of the highest rated Xbox games with next generation graphics. This is possibly the best Xbox One deal out there at the moment because the price is low but also comes with free games - Gears of War Ultimate Edition and also beta access to Gears of War 4!

View this deal: Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle now £264.89


Xbox One Halo Fifa Bundle

5. Xbox One 500GB | FIFA 16 | Halo 5: Guardians | £279.85 @

This is a great value Xbox One deal. Get the 500GB console with two games - FIFA 16 and Halo 5: Guardians, for less than £280. Again, this is one to look at if you want to get up and running with some games straight away as buying the games separately would be more expensive.

View this deal: Xbox One 500GB console with Fifa 16 & Halo 5: Guardians £279.85


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