I never buy anything on Prime Day - but I’m buying two of these adorable Pet Camera bots

EBO pet robot deal
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Amazon’s October Prime Day sale is in full swing and if you’re a pet parent looking for a spooky season treat, I highly recommend snatching up the Ebo SE pet camera and home security robot right now, with Amazon offering the Ebo SE for just $78.90 - saving you $40. 

If you’re in the UK, Amazon is also hosting the same deal, offering the cute pet camera for £79, again knocking £40 off the original retail price. 

I’ve already got the cute robot camera in my Amazon basket, so I can follow my cat around the house and ask my roommate to bring up a snack without having to leave my bed. The intelligent robot companion unlocks full house mobile monitoring with a 1080p HD camera lens that captures high-quality video directly onto your phone - via the robot’s app - that you can edit and share with friends and family. 

The Ebo SE is no ordinary pet camera or home security camera, as it has a two-way voice and one-way video, which means you can stay in touch with those at home. Ebo can detect moving objects within a specified range of vision, and have a range of movement that gives it ample mobility around the house. 

My favourite feature is the Automatic Recharge. When the power is low on your robot, Ebo will automatically return to its set charging station to charge itself. As someone notorious for never charging devices because I forget, that’s a super-helpful feature. 

In an ideal world, I would buy two, just to keep one at home in the UK to spy on my cats, and one back at my parents' house so I can snoop on my childhood dogs and annoy my sister. 

Ebo SE Pet Camera deals 

Ebo SE Pet Camera: $119  $78.90 at Amazon

Ebo SE Pet Camera: was $119  now $78.90 at Amazon
The Ebo SE is the ideal little fellow to keep an eye on your loved ones (furry or otherwise) at home while you're away. The self-charging bot offers one-way video and two-way audio capabilities, allowing you to keep your pets in check and keep in touch with family members or pass on messages quickly. 

Ebo SE Pet Camera: 119  £78.90 at Amazon

Ebo SE Pet Camera: was £119  now £78.90 at Amazon
Over in the UK, you'll find the same £40 price drop which means you'll be able to snag the bot and enjoy snooping on your pets or following your housemate around the house and staying connected. 

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