You won't get an Xbox Series X soon – but Microsoft has plans to let you play one

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If you’ve tried buying a new console recently then you know how quickly the limited stock can sell out. It now looks like Xbox Series X availability woes won’t be going away anytime soon, with the head of Xbox saying the shortage will be “with us for a while”.

The statements were made during an interview with IGN, where Phil Spencer discussed everything from Xbox Series X shortages to Game Pass to studio acquisitions. 

This was disappointing to hear, as there were hopes that Xbox Series X stock would be more readily available by now. But as Covid-19 pandemic restrictions continue to impact manufacturing and shipping speeds across the globe, console stock issues are expected to continue.

As we’ve previously reported, Microsoft isn’t too concerned about shortages for now though, as selling Xbox Series X consoles isn’t its priority it seems. Instead, the company wants to devote itself to player engagement in multiple ways, and this approach might just help you get the Xbox Series X gaming experience you’ve been waiting for.

How to play an Xbox Series X without owning one 

Unfortunately, if you’re desperate to get your hands on a physical Xbox Series X (or a PS5) console then the best thing you can do is wait and hope to get lucky with a stock drop. You can check out our Xbox Series X stock guide for more help on how to do that.

However, if you’re fine playing a game on your PC or phone screen, and have a strong internet connection, then you can get the full Xbox Series X experience right now. Xbox Cloud gaming has recently launched on PC and iOS (and was already on Android) and a new update means it’ll run as if it were Microsoft’s latest console.

Cloud Gaming works by having remote servers run games using state-of-the-art hardware. This is then streamed over the internet to your device, where it plays out on your screen and connects to your controller. This means that it doesn’t rely on much processing power on your end, giving you access to an Xbox Series X experience without the need for the latest and greatest tech.

To take advantage of it you’ll need to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $15 / £10.99 / AU$15.95 a month, and you can instantly start playing all these games (including hits like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Sea of Thieves and Control). Even better, all the games are included in your subscription at no extra cost.

With Ultimate you’ll also get access to Game Pass on Xbox and PC, which will give you even more titles to enjoy on your older Xbox One or your PC hardware. On top of that Xbox Gold (which is also included) will give you free games and exclusive discounts on others.

New subscribers can get deals on Game Pass Ultimate too, such as getting your first month for $1 / £1, so keep that in mind next time you just miss out on an Xbox Series X stock drop – after all, this service won’t sell out anytime soon.

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