Save $120 on the Xbox Series X in the second-best deal we've ever seen

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Didn't get the Xbox Series X you've been wishing for this Christmas? Never fear, because right now it's massively discounted in the after-Christmas deals.

In fact, this is almost the best deal we've ever seen on Microsoft's most powerful Xbox, slashing the price from $499 to $379 at Walmart. For a current-gen console, that's a nearly unheard-of 24% discount, granting you 4K gaming, 3D spatial sound, and 12 teraflops of processing power at a fraction of the price.

We were mega surprised earlier this month to see Walmart offering a similar deal at a record-low price of $349, but it was fairly short-lived. Based on that, we'd strongly suggest acting fast before the year's out, as there's every chance we won't see a cheap Xbox deal as this good for a while.

If the Series X is still out of your price range, Walmart also has a fantastic bundle deal on the Xbox Series S, which is the same deal it's had for a while now, knocking the price down to just $269. Marvelous.

Xbox Series X: $499 $349.99 at Walmart
Save $99 -

Xbox Series X: was $499 now $349.99 at Walmart
Save $99 - This superb Xbox Series X discount brings the console to a sub-$400 price. Plus, that additional $99 in your pocket can then be put towards more games or an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Sensational value.

Price check: Best Buy - $399.99

Xbox Series S Gilded Hunter bundle: $299 $269 at Walmart
Save $30 -

Xbox Series S Gilded Hunter bundle: was $299 now $269 at Walmart
Save $30 - A relatively smaller saving compared to the colossal Xbox Series X deal above, this is nonetheless a fantastic price for the Xbox Series S Gilded Hunter Bundle, especially if you're eyeing up playing free-to-play titles like this bundle features.

Price check: GameStop - $299.99

Not in the US but still on the lookout for the best Xbox Series X and S deals? Take a look at the best offers in your region below. 

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