BioWare’s Anthem is still alive – here’s what you need to know about Anthem 2.0

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Anthem, BioWare’s much-maligned 2019 action role-playing game, is undergoing a major overhaul.

After rumors of Anthem 2.0 (or Anthem Next) began circulating a few months ago, BioWare has now confirmed, in a candid blog post on its website, that a small team has been tasked with bringing Anthem back from the brink of obscurity. 

BioWare studio director Christian Dailey explained that a small incubation team is “experimenting and prototyping to improve on the areas we fell short of and to leverage everything you love currently about Anthem”, but admitted the undertaking is “going to be a longer process” than people may expect.

Dailey said the 30-ish person team is determined to get things right, and added that there were some “tough challenges to tackle”, including the need for employees to work from home.

He also said he wanted to be transparent with players during the entire development process, but admitted that seeing behind the curtain “is not always pretty”, so fans should be prepared to see some things that “you might think suck”.  

The updates on Anthem’s progress will be delivered in the form of blog posts, ad-hoc livestreams and social media updates – or, as Dailey put it, “the occasional feed of me curled up in a ball crying in the corner…”.

Another chance for Anthem?

After an initially encouraging reveal, Anthem left its player base feeling disillusioned and frustrated by the game’s many issues and BioWare’s lack of communication. It’s rare that a high-profile game gets a second chance if it fails to make an impact with players, particularly if it’s a new IP, and it remains to be seen if BioWare can save Anthem – and, more importantly, win back players’ trust.

It's unclear as to whether Anthem will be re-released on Xbox Series X and PS5 as a 'new' game, or simply as a patch for the existing title on PS4 and Xbox One. If it's the latter, though, you can pick up Anthem for next to nothing, as retailers slashed its price once the player base began to dwindle.

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