A lighter PS5 redesign is coming, according to this Japanese retailer listing

(Image credit: Sony)

The PS5 Digital Edition will be lighter and will come with an easy-to-use thumb screw to attach the console’s stand in the future, according to a listing by Japanese retailers.

The new model, listed as CFI-1100B, knocks a whopping 300 grams of the system’s weight, which is a significant reduction. It means the console will weigh a rather more svelte 3.6kg instead of the previous scale topping 3.9kg.

As spotted by Twitter user @Renka_schedule, diagrams also show that the PS5 Digital Edition will include a thumb screw instead of the standard screw we’re used to, which will make attaching the PS5’s stand - when placing the console vertically - a far easier proposition. A thumb screw means you won’t need to fish out a coin or screwdriver to get the job done.

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It’s unclear exactly which aspect of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Sony has changed to achieve such a dramatic weight difference, but we’ve contacted Sony to find out more and will update this article accordingly should we hear more. 

Fat PS5 slim 

While a 300-gram weight reduction is impressive, don’t be fooled into thinking this revision is a PS5 slim. The dimensions are exactly the same, 390 x 92 x mm (H x D x W), so you’re still going to need to make plenty of room to fit the PS5 into your entertainment center or living room setup.

What it does suggest, however, is that a PS5 slim is certainly feasible in the future. That’s hardly a wild prediction by any means, but if Sony has already been able to slash 300 grams off the weight of the PS5 Digital Edition, it shows that the manufacturing process has already yielded improvements on how the system is made.

As it stands, it looks like the regular PS5 disc version won’t be receiving the same weight reduction, which is a bit of a shame. The PS5 disc version is even heavier than the PS5 Digital Edition, weighing in at 4.78kg or 10.54 pounds. It’s the second heaviest console Sony has ever made, with the original PS3 still retaining its crown as the heavyweight champ thanks to its 5kg heft. 

With the PS5 remaining a challenge to buy at retail, the weight reduction could point to improvements in Sony’s supply process, meaning more PS5 Digital Edition consoles could go on sale in the near future. The discless model has been far more elusive than the PS5, which is quite some feat, so those who were hoping to see more stock of the digital-only model could be in luck.

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