The Helix Black Friday mattress deal just got even better – now's the time to buy

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If you've been holding off buying a new Helix mattress in hope of an improved deal for Black Friday, we're happy to tell you that your restraint has paid off. Helix launched its Black Friday sale 10 days ago with a great deal - 25% off all mattresses plus free pillows - but it's just upped its game. Right now the Helix Black Friday deal is 25% off sitewide plus a free bedroom bundle, which means you get a mattress protector and sheet set included on top of the free pillows.

While you'll still pay the same price you'd have paid yesterday, you're getting better value now. So if it's the Helix Midnight mattress in a queen size you're after, it'll cost you $999 - which is the lowest price point it's been at this year, plus the free pillows valued at $150, a mattress protector worth $79, and a sheet set comprising a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases, valued at $149. That adds up to $711 of savings, and that's a deal worth knowing about.

Helix Midnight Mattress

Helix Midnight Mattress

Queen size:  was $936.30 now from $702.20 with free bedroom bundle at Helix

Overview: The Helix Midnight is a mid-range hybrid mattress that we rate as the best mattress for side sleepers; it also delivers great comfort and support for back and combination sleepers In our Helix Midnight mattress review we were impressed by its cooling properties (even without the optional cooling upgrade) and its low motion transfer, although we found that it might prove to be softer than expected for some people.

Price history: The 25% discount for Black Friday is as good as it gets with Helix, and the $999 you'll pay for a queen size Midnight right now is the lowest price we have on record. It's been available at this price a few times this year, but much of the time it's been on sale for $1,099, with free pillows included.

Extras: The Helix midnight usually comes with free pillows, but for Black Friday it comes with a free mattress protector and sheet set as well. That represents $378 of added value if you're buying a queen size; on top of that you'll also get a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-yuear limited warranty.

Naturally it's worth pointing out that it's not just the Helix Midnight that has this great deal going on, so whether you're after the enhanced Midnight Luxe or the improved support of the Helix Plus, you'll still get that bedroom bundle on top of an excellent Black Friday discount.

You can find out more about Helix's range of mattresses and its latest deals in our guide to Helix mattress sales. And if you're not completely convinced by Helix, perhaps some of these other mattress sales might take your fancy:

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