The best cheap Apple Pencil deals in February 2024

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Apple Pencil deals are hard to find so that's why we've always got an eye out for any discounts or special offers on the sought-after stylus. Offers are more common during yearly sales, while the biggest discounts are usually saved for Black Friday. Otherwise, price cuts on both the first and the second-generation Apple Pencil are rare.

The Apple Pencil costs $129 / £119 / AU$219 for the second-generation version while it's $99 / £89 / AU$159 for the first-gen edition. The lowest we've yet seen for the second-generation Apple Pencil is $69 / £59 / AU$199.

You could also save more if you're eligible for the Apple student discount or by using one of the latest Apple promo codes.

While you're thinking things through, it may be worth looking at the iPad deals around too, in case an upgrade is needed here. If you're keen to make your iPad as practical as possible, snapping up one of the Magic Keyboard deals is sure to perfect your setup with your other Apple devices.

Apple Pencil (Gen 2) deals

The latest second-generation Apple Pencil is usually the one everyone wants so we're focusing on that here. You'll need it if you're using an iPad from 2018 or later. It's more expensive but it has neat advantages like a button that allows you to easily switch between tools. Plus, you can attach it magnetically to the side of your iPad Pro and it will also wirelessly charge.

Apple Pencil 2 deals only tend to pop up during major sales events. Discounts tend to be far more incremental during regular times of the year. We can't see that changing too soon as the Apple Pencil 2 continues to be fairly popular at any price.

Apple Pencil (Gen 1) deals

The older first-generation Apple Pencil is a lot cheaper than the newer Apple Pencil. The catch? It will only run on older iPads and the entry-level 8th-generation model. However, the drawing performance is identical.

Because of that, count on the discounts being a little better but more limited depending on your situation. Again, our price comparison tool is here to help you see at a glance where you can save.

Cheap Apple Pencil alternatives

If you'd prefer to cut costs even further, these are some deals on a few of the best Apple Pencil alternatives out there. 

If you just want a simple pen to sketch out designs or write notes, Wacom has its own line of Apple-friendly pointers with the Logitech Crayon also a good option. The Adonit range is also worth considering. Expect to pay between $30 and $50 here for some good options, if you don't mind skipping a few of Apple's unique features.

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