The cheapest MacBook Pro deals in July 2024

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The MacBook Pro is a powerful luxury laptop and a premium choice for many creative professionals. And because of that, it carries a high price. But we're here to help you save money by hunting down all the best MacBook Pro deals. We've searched through all the top retailers so you pay the lowest price available today.

Of course, it's important to say that MacBook Pro deals are all relative as these high-end Apple laptops are relatively expensive compared to other devices. Still, when you buy a MacBook, you know you're getting one of the best laptops out there - that's why they sit so highly in our buying guides. 

Check out all the latest MacBook Pro deals below to get the best offer today. Remember, though, that the 4th of July sales and Amazon Prime Day are underway now or coming soon so we'll likely see some of the year's best offers so far throughout the month. Be sure to follow our 4th of July laptop sales and Amazon Prime Day laptop deals hubs for even more of the latest offers over the coming weeks.

And if you'd still prefer to save more money, you could check out the other non-Pro MacBook deals, including the latest MacBook Air deals. We've also gathered up a good selection of iPad deals if you want a more flexible and portable option. We've also got a page dedicated to all Amazon Prime Day Apple deals featuring all of the manufacturer's laptops, tablets, earbuds and more.

There's also the chance for more savings with the latest Apple promo codes and Best Buy discount codes - or through the Apple student discount if you're eligible. For more budget-friendly options, you can browse through many other laptop deals we've spotted this week on cheaper devices and Chromebooks.

Where to find cheap MacBook Pro deals

If you're after more cheap MacBook Pro deals, you can head straight to the retailers themselves. Here we've brought you all the best places to check out if you're looking to score a saving on Apple's luxury laptop line. 


  • Apple: students discounts and trade-ins offer the best value
  • Amazon: Regular price cuts and older models available
  • Best Buy: Shop the latest releases with bundle offers 
  • B&H Photo: Best for high-spec buyers with creative needs 
  • Newegg: Renewed and older models reign supreme 


  • Apple: student discounts and MacBook Pro trade-in
  • Amazon: savings across a range of new and old models
  • Currys: frequent discounts on the latest releases
  • John Lewis: less frequent discounts but excellent guarantees
  • Very: shop during sales periods for MacBook Pro deals
  • Argos: regionalised stock but frequent bundles
  • Laptops Direct: regular price cuts on cheaper models

Can you buy a cheap MacBook Pro?

A cheap MacBook Pro is relative - these computers are by no means made for budget-minded shoppers. However, with MacBook Pro deals dropping more and more cash off these luxury laptops each year, there's certainly hope for picking up a discounted model these days. Whether you opt for a reduced entry level current gen laptop, or an older but refurbished model, you can find cheap MacBook Pros available for under $1,000 if you're shopping at the right time, or willing to drop enough new features. 

Is a Macbook Pro worth it? 

The Macbook Pro is made for its power users. With a price point that can make everyday laptop users wary, Apple's range of lightweight super computers can seem inaccessible. If you're looking for a laptop that can handle anything, though, and will be able to handle anything for a long time into the future, then this is the laptop for you. 

While the Macbook Pro might have a heady overhead cost, it's an investment that will last you longer than other only slightly cheaper laptops will. So, if you're a creative or looking to power through high performance apps and complex workflows the Macbook Pro price is absolutely worth it. If you want to check your emails and watch Netflix, you might be better off elsewhere. 

MacBook Pro trade-in: how to get a good deal

Using a MacBook Pro trade-in scheme to shave some cash off your new purchase has its upsides and downsides. While they can certainly take a considerable amount off your final price and they're far more convenient, you can often claim far more cash for your old laptop by selling your MacBook by yourself. That's because these luxury computers rarely lose their value once they're on the market. 

However, if you're simply looking to save as much as possible on cheap MacBook Pro deals, your best bet is to head straight to Apple for a trade-in evaluation

MacBook Pro student discount: what offers are available?

MacBook Pro student discounts can also save you extra cash on your new laptop. Offers vary by country, but currently US students, school staff, and parents can save $100 on a MacBook Pro laptop, meanwhile in the UK you can save 10% on Apple products with the appropriate student ID. Combine this with Apple's (albeit rare) MacBook Pro sales and you're onto a hefty saving. 

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