The best Casper mattress deals and sales for May: 15% off most mattresses

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Looking for a Casper mattress sale? Now's a good time to be buying, with 15% off most of Casper's mattress range in its birthday sale running until 30 April. Unlike most mattress brands, Casper doesn't have sales on all year round, and while we've seen bigger percentage discounts in recent months, this one's worth taking advantage of.

While the current Casper mattress sale doesn't cover its two new mattresses, The Casper and the affordable Snow cooling mattress, the rest of its range is reduced by 15%, including the Original Hybrid which is down to $1,270.75 in a queen size, a great price for a quality hybrid with great ergonomic support and good cooling features.

The offer extends to the rest of Casper's range of Wave hybrid mattresses and also covers the cheaper Casper Original Hybrid, which can be had right now for $1,270.75 in a queen size. These are great prices for beds from one of America's best mattress brands, although if you have your eye on the biggest discounts it could be worth your while holding on for a few weeks. The Memorial Day mattress sales are fast approaching, and in our experience this means some of the lowest prices of the year, and we'll let you know about Casper's offers as soon as we hear about them.

Most of Casper's beds come with a 100-night trial, plus free shipping, free returns (during the trial period) and a 10-year limited warranty. There's an exception to this: clearance items aren't eligible for a free trial or returns, but they're covered by a five-year limited warranty. Read on to find out about this month's best Casper sale offers, and check out our general mattress sales page for the latest discounts from other top vendors.

Casper Original: was

Casper Original: was $895 now from $760.75 at Casper
The Original is the cheapest Casper to get a discount in the current sale, with 15% off bringing the price of the queen size down to $1,100.75. This mattress has three zones of support, to keep your spine aligned healthily as you sleep. It's an all-foam model, which can mean breathability is compromised, but Casper has perforated the top layer to counter that.

Casper Nova Hybrid: was

Casper Nova Hybrid: was $1,795 now from $1,525.75 at Casper
If you want to upgrade on the Original Hybrid, check out the Casper Nova Hybrid. The main point of difference is to do with support and pressure relief. This model has seven zones (rather than three), to keep you ideally aligned, with cushioning around your shoulders and firmer support around your lower back. It'd be a good pick if you suffer from back pain. With 15% off, the queen size is now $1,950.75.

Wave Hybrid: was

Wave Hybrid: was $2,395 now from $2,035.75 at Casper
The Wave Hybrid takes things up another notch when it comes to sleep tech. This one comes with a "unique 3D foam shaping system that gently sinks shoulders for optimal spinal alignment" (like a fancy memory foam) as well as, more intriguingly, "up to 86 gel pods to cradle waist and lower back for even more ergonomic support". With this offer, a queen is $2,460.75.

Wave Hybrid Snow: was

Wave Hybrid Snow: was $2,895 now from $2,460.75 at Casper
The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow is Casper's fanciest and priciest mattress. It's the Wave Hybrid above, but with the addition of so-called 'Snow technology' that'll apparently keep you six degrees cooler – great if you struggle with overheating at night. 15% off all sizes means a queen is now $2,885.75.

Casper Original Hybrid: was

Casper Original Hybrid: was $1,095 now from $930.75 at Casper
The top-rated model in the Casper lineup is the Original Hybrid. If you want a bit of bounce, and a more responsive sleep surface that's easy to move around on, you might be better opting for this version over the Original. The springs also give space for air to circulate through the bed, which means it should sleep cooler than the all-foam model. 15% off means a queen size is now $1,270.75.

Which Casper mattress should I choose? 

Casper’s mattress range has grown rapidly and now includes a mix of affordable memory foam mattresses through to luxury hybrid cooling mattresses for hot sleepers. Prices start from $495 for the Casper Element mattress when it’s featured on the brand’s site, which isn't very often. Outside of the Essential bed-in-a-box featured in the Final Sale section, the Casper Element is the cheapest Casper you’ll find.

Right now the cheapest Casper mattress that you can actually buy is The Casper, an affordable all-foam model with prices starting at $595 for a twin; it comes with an Original Casper Pillow and percale sheet set, making it even more of a bargan.

The next-cheapest Casper mattress is the foam-filled Casper Original, priced from $895 when not discounted. The Original is among the firmest Casper mattresses, making them a good choice for stomach sleepers. 

Looking for a little more breathability and a way to reduce overheating at night? Then spend a bit more and go for the Original Hybrid (from $1,295 without a deal to lower the price), where a combination of foam and springs creates improved air flow and a cooler feel. For a cheaper alternative that also focuses on cooler sleep, read our guide to the latest Cocoon by Sealy mattress sales and deals.

Described as Casper's “most comforting” mattress, the plush Nova Hybrid (priced from $1,395) is an enticing option for those who like to sleep on their back, its seven zones of targeted support providing excellent spinal alignment. 

Or, if you want the ultimate in support, try the Casper Wave Hybrid (prices from $1,785), a luxury hybrid designed with ergonomic zones to deliver full-body relief from pressure. Shell out for the Wave Hybrid Snow and you'll get advanced cooling technology too. If you're on a budget, however, the new Snow mattress delivers great cooling at a much more affordable price.

Whichever Casper you choose, cover it with the best mattress protector  you can afford as this will help it to last longer, saving you money in the long term. While the brand doesn’t make any mattress toppers just yet, it does have a stunning range of bedding, including bed sheets and one of the best pillows for sleeping, the Casper Original Pillow.  

For an alternative brand that's more affordable yet just as innovative, also take a look at our guide to the best Helix mattress sales and deals.

More of the best Casper mattress prices

Casper mattress sales, deals and discounts: the Casper Original Mattress shown on a grey-blue fabric bed in a blue bedroom

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1. Casper Original Mattress deals

Casper's best-selling mattress suits all body types and sleep styles

Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king | Depth: 11 inches | Turn: No | Materials: PU foam, zoned memory foam, polyurethane foam (Original) or polyurethane foam with encased springs (Original Hybrid) | Comfort: Firm (Original) or Medium (Original Hybrid) | Trial: 100 nights | Warranty: 10-year limited | Price (MSRP): $895 – $1,695 (Original) or $1,295 – $2,095 (Original Hybrid)

Zoned Support to align your spine
Dedicated back support
Available in all-foam and hybrid
You want a firmer, cooler bed

There's a good reason why the Original Mattress is Casper's most popular bed-topper – not only is it designed to offer a great balance of support and cooling, it's also the cheapest Casper mattress outside of the Element and the Essential (a Final Sale item only). You might also want to consider the Original Hybrid Mattress, which marries foam with resilient springs for extra bounce and breathability.

If you sign up with Casper at the moment, you can get 15% off your first order. With that discount, if you opted for the Original Mattress in a queen size you’d pay $1,165 (was $1,295). Keep an eye out for other deals, too, as the cheapest price we’ve seen on the Casper Original recently was $995 for a queen size.  

Casper mattress sales, deals and discounts: the Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress shown on a dark fabric bed frame in a stylish bedroom

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2. Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress deals

A cozy Casper mattress if you love softer beds

Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king | Depth: 12 inches | Turn: No | Materials: PU foam, breathable zoned polyurethane foam,memory foam, PU foam with encased springs | Comfort: Plush | Trial: 100 nights | Warranty: 10-year limited | Price (MSRP): $1,395 – $2,895

Soft, body-cradling feel
Better spinal alignment
Designed to stop you overheating
Heavier bodies may need more support

If you like the sensation of sleeping on clouds, then Casper's Nova Hybrid is the one for you. The company's softest mattress, its foam is divided into seven ergonomic zones for optimum spinal alignment, while its encased springs provide extra lift and support. With Casper's AirScape 2 technology also on board, you can be sure of a cool night's sleep.

By signing up with Casper, you can get the Nova Hybrid in a queen size for around $2,065 – a 10% discount on the usual price of $2,295. Don't fancy signing up? You won't have to wait long for a great deal on this product as a more recent Casper mattress sale dropped the price of the Nova Hybrid by 15% less than usual.  

Casper mattress sales, deals and discounts: the Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress shown on a black fabric bed frame in a dark green bedroom

(Image credit: Casper)

3. Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress deals

The best Casper mattress for hot sleepers with joint pain

Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king | Depth: 13 inches | Turn: No | Materials: PU foam with phase-change cooling material, natural latex, zoned memory foam, PU with gel pods, encased springs | Comfort: Medium-plush | Trial: 100 nights | Warranty: 10-year limited | Price (MSRP): $1,795 – $3,495

Zoned support for back pain relief
AirScape 3 tech for cooler sleep
Top foam layer to cradle your joints
You want a softer bed

Suffer from back pain or sore joints? The Wave Hybrid is a premium-priced mattress but comes packed with smarts designed to help people like you sleep. Using gel pods, Casper's Zoned Support Max system creates continuous ergonomic zones that work to lift your waist and lower your back for exceptional alignment. With AirSpring 3 cooling technology also on the spec sheet, this is the ultimate Casper mattress for cooler, pressure-free sleep.

We often spot discounts ranging from 10% to 15% on the Wave Hybrid, meaning you can get a queen size for around $2,500. This is Casper’s most luxurious mattress, so of course it has a price tag to match. you’ll have 100 nights to trial it at home to ensure it’s the right choice for you, with free returns if you change your mind.

For an additional cost you can upgrade to the Wave Hybrid Snow, the company's most advanced solution for overheating. With HeatDelete Bands and a QuickCool Cover helping to keep you at the optimal temperature for sleep.

Do you need a Casper mattress discount code? 

Not all Casper mattress sales require you to enter a code in order to qualify for the discount being offered. For example, during the brand’s Mother's Day sale – which gave customers 15% off the price of their order – it was necessary to enter the code MOTHERSDAY15. But other sales will automatically list the discounted price, so all you need to do is add the mattress to your cart and checkout.

The next opportunity for a big Casper discount is likely to be the Presidents' Day mattress sales; we'll let you know about this event as it happens. Most months Casper offers a 10% to 15% saving for new customers signing up for their first Casper account, and the Final Sale section has been active for several months now. That is where you’ll find the best deals for the cheapest Casper mattress prices, and you don’t need a discount code to access those.

Casper Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals: what you need to know

We've been covering the Black Friday mattress deals and sales for a few years now, and Casper is a regular among the leading brands that issue big discounts on their most popular mattresses. These often roll over to form Cyber Monday mattress deals (these land on the Monday directly following Black Friday).

The 2022 Casper Black Friday mattress sale kicked off in the first week of November, with price drops across the range. Bigger savings were applied to pricier models, with a maximum saving of $800 of the most expensive mattress (the Wave Hybrid Snow). The actual savings, under the same branding, shifted a few times. 

A day or two before Black Friday, the actual Black Friday deal appeared, with 25% off all mattresses apart from the new, budget-friendly Element Pro. Here's the pricing on the Casper Original with that offer:

  • Twin: $671.25 (was $895)
  • Full: $896.25 (was $1,195)
  • Queen: $971.25 (was $1,295)
  • King: $1,271.25 (was $1,695)

These are discounts worth taking advantage of – Casper sales are rare. Usually, the best offer you can hope for is to wait for a popup that invites you to subscribe to the newsletter, and then offers you a 15% discount.  

Last year, there was 30% off the Wave Hybrid and Nova Hybrid, while the Casper Original got a 20% discount (there were no discount codes available for the entry-level Casper Element). You also need to factor in changes in MSRP though. Like many mattress brands, prices have risen over 2022. In 2021, a queen size Original cost $876 down from an MSRP $1,095 on Black Friday, which is a fair bit less than you'll pay this year. In 2020, Casper only slashed the price of its mattresses by 15%. 

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