Motorola marks November 13 for Moto G unveiling

But the States probably won't see the phone

Moto G

Mark your calendar for November 13, especially if you've tossed about at night wondering what Motorola's mysterious Moto G device is all about.

The Google-owned hardware maker has put up a teaser landing page with the name "moto g," a spinning globe emblazoned with an "M" and the date shown as different regions would write it (13 de novembro, 13 November, etc.). There's also a link to sign up for a live online announcement, which you can do by entering your email address.

The G-themed marketing spree doesn't stop there. On Motorola's main page, "Moto G" is now listed next to the Moto X. A click on the name will take you to the landing page. Last week, a similar listing appeared for a brief time before disappearing.

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To top it off, Motorola has sent out "save the date" notices to the press and tweeted the image and message to its 290,000-plus followers. The tweet says "hello" in several different languages.

What could it all mean?

The running theory is that the Moto G is a budget take on the Moto X. From today's clues, we can gather that this is likely a global device to compliment the US-only Moto X. In all likelihood the Moto G won't go on sale in the States, at least at launch.

A promo card picked up by GSM Arena seemingly details the Moto G's specs, including Android 4.3 (no KitKat break for this phone), a 4.5-inch, 1280 x 720 edge-to-edge display and a 1.2GHz quad-core processor from Qualcomm.

A 5MP camera on the back is paired with a 1.3MP on the frontside, and it's said to have 8GB of storage. The off-contract price floated by the site's tipster is £134.95 off contract. A straight conversion puts the Moto G price at about $215.

Tune back to TechRadar on November 13 for all the latest on the Moto G.