The Panasonic PDP TH-65VX100E has been designed by Panasonic's Professional Displays division to provide a no-compromise option for the custom installation market. Or anyone with a 'money-no-object' approach to home cinema.

Features that help it go the extra mile beyond the 65PZ800 flagship consumer model include a new Dynamic Black Layer, which sits at the front of the panel and reduces the pre-discharge to one-sixth that of conventional plasmas (sounds a bit like Pioneer's Crystal Emissive Layer), resulting in what Panasonic claims is the industry's highest native contrast ratio of 60,000:1.

Other eye-catching improvements are a newly-developed phosphor material process tech and an optical filter, which work together to deliver an extended colour gamut claimed to cover pretty much the same colour range used in digital cinema industries; and 18-bit digital signal processing, which should help the screen deliver more light-to-dark steps (7160 steps, number fans) and subtler, stripe-free colour gradations.