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Etre Touchy review

iPhone and iPod touch friendly gloves

Etre Touchy-Main
iPhone operation made that bit easier with Etre's Touchy gloves

Our Verdict

Cheap, decently-made and useful. Not the warmest gloves, however


  • Useful
  • Well made
  • Fair price


  • Not very good at keeping your hands warm

We all agree that the iPhone's innovative touch screen is a joy to use, but because it's capacitive you need to touch it with bare skin; if you have fanciful notions of protecting your hands from the cold with some gloves, you can forget about interacting with your iPhone or iPod touch's screen.

That's where these Etre Touchy gloves come in. The tips of the finger and thumb are missing on both hands, so you can tap, flick and pinch to your heart's content.

Now clearly, because these bits are removed, you're not going to get as much protection as you would with a pair of traditional gloves – and indeed they're neither lined nor particularly thick – but they're warmer than wearing no gloves at all.

And they're not just useful for the iPhone, either; having finger and thumb exposed makes stuff like unlocking your front door easier.