This is the first soundbar to support DTS Virtual:X Surround Sound tech


Those looking to upgrade their home theater are about to have more options, as audio solutions firm DTS has announced the first product to use its new DTS Virtual:X technology.

Yamaha's YAS-207 soundbar will be the first DTS Virtual:X-ready product hitting stores this July. It's important to note that though the Yamaha-produced soundbar will support DTS' newest tech, the actual Virtual:X update will come a month later in a firmware patch.

DTS Virtual:X — which is planned to make its way to soundbars, A/V receivers, and televisions between this summer to early 2018 — is a high definition sound technology that creates virtual surround sound.

That is to say, Virtual:X can help simulate a multi-speaker surround sound setup for your home theater without actually requiring additional speakers — a handy plus if you're strapped for space or just not interested in mounting multiple subwoofers.

No pricing details are available yet for the YAS-207, but should the cost get too ridiculous, we've got a few suggestions for how else to invest that home theater budget.