Smash Bros Ultimate needs these 6 DLC characters in Fighters Pass 2

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Fighters Pass 2 will mark the last set of characters added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. While it's not impossible we'll be trolled with another six Fire Emblem characters when the new fighters start dropping, it's likely we'll see more guest appearances from other games' heroes. 

Of the five characters released in Fighters Pass 1, only one (Byleth) came from a Nintendo-published game. That leaves a lot of scope for future cameos. Below, just for fun, we joined 10 million YouTubers and 100 million forumites in adding our own wish list of Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters. Enjoy.

Dante (Devil May Cry)

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Dante is just another guy with a sword, right? Yes, he is. But he also has guns. In January, fans speculated Dante might've been the final character of Fighters Pass 1, but it turned out not to be the case. He still remains a popular choice in fan polls for who should be added to Smash Bros Ultimate.

If Dante did make the leap to Smash, it'd be the third fighting game series he's popped up in. He's previously appeared in the Marvel Vs Capcom games, and again in his DmC guise for the forgotten (but not terrible) Smash knock-off PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. 

Sora (Kingdom Hearts) 

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Sora from Kingdom Hearts fits the profile of a Smash fighter fairly well, especially as both Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are already repped in Ultimate on Square Enix side of things. Still, if you believe internet reports on a previous attempt to add Sora to Smash, Disney allegedly denied the request. 

The truth is probably more complicated, but Sora does have a distinctive move set that would make a good fit for Smash Bros and a big following, even if he's not the most exciting possibility. You could also conceivably have Hollow Bastion or Traverse Town as a new stage for the game. 

Master Chief (Halo)

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This would've seemed extremely unlikely until Banjo-Kazooie made the leap last year. But wouldn't this be a fantastic way to get everyone more excited about Halo Infinite? Master Chief has no history on Nintendo consoles (though there was once a Halo DS in the works), but neither did Cloud from FF7 until he popped up in FF spin-offs like Theatrhythm, and Snake was more synonymous with Sony platforms when he was added to Brawl on Wii. 

Another Microsoft-associated character feels like a real possibility, whether it's from Halo, Minecraft (which does have a presence on Nintendo consoles) or another Rare series.

Doomguy (Doom)

(Image credit: id Software)

Please? Id Software may be known for slightly gorier games than those that usually bring their characters to Smash Bros, but the demon-hunting Doomguy would be an absolutely perfect match for Nintendo’s fighting game: great in melee, used to handling massive guns and rocket launchers, and very comfortable in hellfire.

That’s not to mention the affectionate friendship building between Doomguy and Animal Crossing’s Isabelle (another Smash Bros Ultimate fighter), given the shared release date for New Horizons and Doom Eternal. If Nintendo chose to announce it on the same day too, that would just be icing on the cake. 

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

(Image credit: Team Cherry)

Hollow Knight is one of the best metroidvania platformers of recent years, with a beautifully illustrative art style that would really help this fighter stand out from the (now rather busy) crowd. If a bug can be a knight, why not a brawler too?

The game’s appearance on Nintendo Switch makes this possible, while Hollow Knight’s repertoire of moves and powers granted throughout the game should translate to the fighting stage pretty easily – whether dashing through enemies with the Shade Cloak or double-jumping with the Monarch Wings. Seeing the little scamp in 3D would be pretty adorable too.


(Image credit: Matt Makes Games)

There are few Nintendo Switch games better than Celeste. This indie platformer sees you attempting to climb an ominous (and mystical) mountain, as you try to escape from your problems down at ground level – but find you can’t run from yourself. 

Celeste’s iconic dash, and endearing love for strawberries, would fight right in Nintendo’s varied and playful world. There’s plenty of gameplay opportunities around Celeste’s ‘dark side’, too – possibly ramping up damage output as she drains of health and her inner darkness takes over, or allowing the player to switch between personalities on the fly, with slightly different movesets for each. 

If Celeste can climb that mountain, she can climb back onto that fighting stage ledge, no trouble.

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