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Update: Game's most recent allocation of PS5 stock has now sold out. Those who were waiting in the queue will have been presented with the following message: "We're sorry to tell you that stock is now sold out for PlayStation 5." Nevertheless, we'd keep an eye on Game's website for the rest of the day. The retailer dropped a second round of stock the same day after previously selling out, so there's a chance it might do the same here. 

If you're searching where to buy PS5, Game has launched a new round of PS5 restocks with a range of bundles on both the PS5 Digital Edition and standard consoles. The PS5 is also available to purchase on its own for £449.99 and the PS5 Digital Edition is £359.99, but expect these to sell out fast.

As we've come to expect with Game, there is a queue in place, with wait times varying wildly depending on when you joined. There's also sadly no guarantee that just because you're in the queue that stock will be available once your time is up.

With bundles offering extra accessories and games to boost the price and dissuade scalpers, we're hoping that stock lasts a little longer than usual, but we highly doubt it. 

It's important to note that these orders are pre-orders, with the console expected to ship on March 8. If you choose priority delivery you can expect the console for March 2.

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PS5 bundles in stock at Game
OUT OF STOCK Game has various PS5 bundles available this morning, but they won't last long. The console is available on its own, but we expect these to sell out almost instantly. You'll have more luck trying to pick up a bundle, then. It's worth bearing in mind that the console will be shipped on March 8 unless you choose priority insured delivery, which will ship the console by March 2.

The PS5 has been in extremely high demand ever since pre-orders began back in September, and the console continues to be almost impossibly hard to find. When stock does appear, it's snapped up at lightning speed, so be prepared to act fast if you make it through.

If you miss out on Game's PS5 restock or simply want to know where to buy PS5 quickly, you'll find all the links to buy PS5 at various retailers below, including the PS5 Digital Edition. Keep checking these links as you never know when more consoles will hit the shelves. 

It's likely that more PS5 consoles will appear in 2021, so we'd recommend not paying over the odds to scalpers as Sony is committed to delivering 10 million PS5s this year. That means sooner or later, supply will comfortably meet demand. 

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