PS5 is getting its own Pokémon rival

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You may not be able to pick out a Pikachu or snap up a Squirtle, but the PS5 will be getting a very capable Pokémon clone close to its launch.

TemTem, the popular early-access PC monster-battling MMO will be making its 'console debut' (also in early-access form) on December 8 for PlayStation 5.

Developed by Crema and launching in its pre-release form back in January on PC, it's a shared-world take on the Pokémon formula, letting you collect, battle and trade monsters in an anime-styled world.

Development has continued at a pace since that January launch, with new islands to explore, house customisation and social features being added.

What's next for TemTem

Crema expects TemTem's development to continue into 2021, before an official Version 1.0 release will see the PC and PS5 editions joined by Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S ports.

Right now there are more than '100' Tem monsters to collect, a campaign with optional co-op play, ranked battle and cross-play with the PC version included, adding up to around 30 hours of play. It's a substantial title already then, even in its in-development state.

TemTem will be sold in standard and deluxe editions, and at a discount in its early access state. Consider jumping onboard early if you're interested – with every major update towards the Version 1.0 release, Crema will bump the price up towards its final RRP.

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