LG's cheapest OLED TV for 2020 is now on sale – but is it worth buying?

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Shoppers, rejoice: the LG BX OLED has finally gone on sale, with models landing in the US, UK, and Australia.

LG's B Series OLED is always the cheapest in its annual OLED TV range, and this year was no different – with the BX launching in late 2020 much like its B9 predecessor in 2019.

The LG BX OLED is now available to purchase, starting at $1,399 / £1,299 / AU$2,795 for its smallest 55-inch size, and retailing for $2,099 / £1,999 / AU$3,795 for a larger 65-inch model. It's also meaningfully cheaper than last year's B9 OLED, which started at $1,995 / £1,529 / AU$2,900 at a 55-inch size.

That makes for a $400 / £500 saving over the 55-inch LG CX ($1,799 / £1,799 RRP), too, if only $100 / £200 less than the 48-inch CX model that came out earlier this year. Nonetheless, it's still the cheapest OLED TV that LG is putting out this year, and likely on a par with last year's B9, which we gave 4.5 stars for its "rich colors and sharp detail", even with a dent to its processing compared to more premium models.

LG BX OLED: this year's best compromise?

With the same OLED panel as its LG CX sibling – just with a lower-spec a7 Gen 3 processor, rather than the latter's a9 Gen 3 chip – you can still bet on some impressive picture quality from the LG BX. If last year's B9 OLED is anything to go by, you're probably having to make do with some more video noise in dark scenes, and slightly less capable video processing.

You're still getting Dolby Vision HDR (not HDR10+) as well as Dolby Atmos audio on the BX's built-in 40W speakers. The BX will also include LG's new Face Enhancing processing technology, to better represent skin tones and help faces to stand out from backgrounds, while Apple AirPlay 2 support – which came as an update to 2018 and 2019 LG TVs last year – will be on the BX from launch.

We haven't yet put the BX through its paces in our tests, though we'll be sure to publish our full review in the coming weeks. Those of you who opted for the LG CX already – or its higher-end Gallery Series sibling – certainly won't have a need for it. But for anyone looking for a budget OLED that still performs well, the BX could be it.

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