Grab two free PS5 games on PS Plus right now

zombie army 4 dead war screenshot
(Image credit: Rebellion)

Every month, PlayStation Plus subscribers can redeem new free games and at the last minute, it looks like two PS5 games are being offered for April 2021. Sony previously shared that Days Gone, Zombie Army 4: Dead War and the PS5 version of Oddworld: Soulstorm would both be offered for the month of April. 

Then today, Rebellion announced that a Zombie Army 4: Dead War is getting a free new-gen PS5 upgrade, allowing owners of Sony's newest system to play the game at dynamic 4K 60 FPS with reduced load times.

As best we can tell from checking, this is just an update to the existing PS4 version of the game when played on a PS5 and not a separate PS5 edition of the game like with some other titles such as Marvel's Avengers

A great month for free games


(Image credit: Oddworld Inhabitants)

With this last-minute upgrade, PS Plus subscribers are essentially getting two PS5 games to keep forever this month, as long as they stay subscribed. All three PS Plus games are free to grab starting today and will be available to redeem through May 3, so even if you don't have a PS5 yet, it's worth redeeming them so they'll be ready and waiting.

It's worth noting that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S users will also be able to enjoy an upgraded version of Zombie Army 4: Dead War, though this upgrade will be arriving a little bit later on April 8. 

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