Amazon Prime Day: 5 reasons you'll keep Prime membership after the deals end

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On Amazon Prime Day, having an Amazon Prime membership will be essential if you want to enjoy those exclusive deals. But what about afterwards, when the deals have all gone? Is it worth keeping your membership going?

Amazon Prime 30-day trial

There's a no-commitment 30-day free trial you can get by signing up to Prime here:

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Amazon Prime members will frequently see items with Prime member-exclusive prices on various items at Amazon all year round and you'll get early access to Lightning Deals before non-members. And on the best deals, that could well be the difference between buying an item, and it being sold out by the time you're given a shot. We're not even exaggerating, we've seen Nintendo Switch deals last less than 90 seconds around big flagship sales events like Black Friday.

But it's not all about buying. Amazon Prime has a lot of excellent benefits that are often overlooked amongst all the furore around the Amazon Prime Day deals. Let us show you the best ones that might convince you to keep your Prime membership going after Prime Day.

amazon prime day video streaming service deals

#1: Amazon Instant Video TV and movie streaming

Amazon Prime's Instant video streaming service has come a long way since its early days and is well worth having even if you already have Netflix. Both streaming services offer enough unique content nowadays to justify owning both.

And Amazon has some fantastic shows to get stuck. Be sure to check out fantastic hits like Good Omens, American Gods, Mr Robot, Hanna, The Grand Tour (ok, this one wasn't as fantastic as we'd hoped), Vikings, Into the Badlands, The Expanse and The Americans. We've rounded up a longer list of the best Amazon Prime TV shows for you. We're frequently surprised by just how new some of its movies are too and while there aren't as many free options as Netflix there's a strong selection amongst the best Amazon Prime movies

Amazon Prime Instant Video can be shared too. You can actually stream content on three different devices if you're willing to share your Amazon account login with any housemates or family members (you can always log their device in yourself without giving them your password directly). The other people streaming don't even have to live at the same address, making it very easy for family members to enjoy the video service for free. If you're sharing with flatmates, you could split the cost of membership considering you can both enjoy the fast post and streaming benefits so easily. Speaking of which...

amazon prime day delivery

#2: Super fast delivery for everyone at your household

Amazon used to have free standard delivery on even the cheapest of purchases, but it gradually increased the minimum spend amount, making Prime membership's free delivery benefit a key factor in selling it to regular shoppers. But considering the other benefits and the faster delivery times Prime offers, it's not the end of the world.

UK buyers get the fastest widespread delivery, with free next day delivery on millions of items. In the US it's generally a two-day service, but things are improving with over 10,000 towns and cites now eligible for free same-day or one-day delivery on millions of products. In Australia, where Amazon is still very much an up and coming business (if you can believe that), customers can get expedited delivery on a large selection of items with delivery promised within two business days. 

And as a part of your membership to Amazon Prime, another adult in your household can enjoy these super fast delivery options too. And no, it won't cost either of you anything extra. They don't have to share your surname, so it works for flatmates, girlfriends, boyfriends, siblings - anyone that lives at the same address. Brilliantly though, we've found that this secondary person can also get items delivered to another address if needed - like their place of work for example.

amazon prime day music deals

#3: Amazon Music streaming

How does on-demand access to two million songs sound? Well they're all yours as a part of your Amazon Prime membership. You can even request music from your Alexa-enabled smart speaker, which is perfect if you take advantage of those cheap Amazon Echo deals on Prime Day. You can download these tracks to listen to offline on your phone or MP3 player, which is great for creating jogging playlists or tunes for the beach on your holidays. And unlike last year, this service is now available in Australia too.

If you want to join Amazon's even bigger Music Unlimited service (40 million songs), then you'll find your Amazon Prime membership entitles you to an exclusive discount on the monthly price at just $7.99/£7.99 instead of $9.99/£9.99 in the US and UK.

If you're quick, you can take advantage of a super cheap promo where you can get a massive saving. In the UK/US right now, it's just $0.99/99p for the first four months and AU$0.99 in Australia.

amazon prime day deals

#4: Free ebooks for your Kindle or mobile

Buried down the list of benefits is a large selection of ebooks to download to your Kindle or the Kindle app on your phone/tablet free of charge. Most genres are covered with over a thousand books, magazines, comics and more available to Amazon Prime members. 

Your mileage will vary depending on what you like to read and you won't be finding brand new titles being added to this perk anytime soon, but it's well worth looking into if you're an Amazon Prime member already or are considering the full benefit while on an Amazon Prime free trial.

You'll be able to pick up a cheap Kindle deal on an e-reader around Prime Day for sure, so this is a great way to grab a few free books to get you going. If you're a super keen bookworm, there's actually a terrific offer going on Kindle Unlimited (think of it like the Netflix of ebooks) right now. For the first three months, you don't have to pay a thing, it's a completely free trial extended way beyond the usual 30 days. We've rounded up the details for the US/UK membership and the Australian version too. 

amazon prime free twitch prime

#5: Free Twitch Prime membership

One of the more gamer-friendly perks you can enjoy with Amazon Prime, in addition to getting super fast delivery on the newest games and hardware, is the free Twitch Prime membership. This is a great bonus if you enjoy watching live streams of games on the massively popular service. You'll get free in-game DLC on select titles, ad-free viewing, a free channel subscription every 30 days and some exclusive member discounts like $10 credit on select pre-orders for US gamers. You also get free games with Twitch Prime each month. The free games and DLC are usually for PC, just so you know.

There's not long to go for Amazon Prime Day 2019 now. If you don't want to miss out on the best bargains, be sure to bookmark our dedicated Prime Day deals (USA), best Amazon Prime Day deals (UK) and Australian Prime Day deals. You'll also find coverage of the best Amazon Prime Day deals in India.

If you're ready for an Amazon Prime free trial you can sign up via these links for the USA, UK, Canada, India and Australia.

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