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Best smart home devices in India for 2020 for all budgets

(Image credit: Philips)

Smart home devices are quickly becoming an essential product category, especially for enthusiasts. The ability to control aspects of your house just via a phone app or voice commands is only going to get more prominent in the future.

These also make great gifts for that friend who is into tech but you can never decide what to give them. With connected devices being a big part of most tech brands operating in India, a lot more affordable options are now available in the market.

To help you begin on your smart home journey, or complete the technology-laden home of your dreams, we've curated a list of devices that we believe are the best smart home products you can buy right.

Here are our recommendations for the best smart home devices to bring your home into the future and give it a much-needed upgrade. We have tried to cover multiple price points and categories to ensure there is something for everyone. The ongoing festival sales have also brought price drops onto some of these, so be sure to check the latest pricing and availability by hitting the ‘View Deal’ button.


Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker

 Rs 3,999 Rs 3,499 on Flipkart

View Deal

Apple HomePod Mini

Rs 9,900 on AppleView Deal

Google Nest Audio

Rs 6,999 on FlipkartView Deal

Amazon Echo (3rd Gen)

Rs 5,999 on AmazonView Deal


Smitch RGB Smart Bulb

Rs 299 on FlipkartView Deal

Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Bulb

Rs 1,299 on Flipkart/AmazonView Deal


Xiaomi Mi Box 4K

Rs 3,299 on FlipkartView Deal



Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360°

Rs 2,299 on Flipkart/AmazonView Deal

Realme Smart Cam 360°

Rs 2,599 on RealmeView Deal