The DreamCloud Mattress: Should you buy this luxury hybrid?

The DreamCloud Mattress
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Update: We've reviewed this mattress now, so rather than reading this you'd be better off heading to our DreamCloud US mattress review or DreamCloud UK mattress review to see how it performed in our tests.

Frequently described as ‘like sleeping on a cloud’, it would appear that the DreamCloud mattress is aptly named. Winner of numerous awards and perennially popular with back sleepers, this luxury hybrid has increased in popularity over the years. But does that mean it’s the best mattress or indeed the best hybrid mattress for your sleep needs and budget?

While we’re working on our official review, here we take a close look at this luxury hybrid in terms of price, comfort, support and quality so that you can decide if it’s the right choice for you. We’ll also look at existing user reviews to see what customers think of it. 

Now is a great time to consider buying the DreamCloud, as there are some big savings (and free bedding) to be had on it in the forthcoming Labour Day mattress sales. Here’s what you need to know about this back-friendly Luxury Hybrid mattress in a box… 

DreamCloud: At a glance

  • Affordable price point
  • Excellent for back sleepers
  • Hot sleepers will find relief
  • 1-year trial and lifetime warranty

  • May not suit all side sleepers
  • Heavier sleepers may sink too much

The DreamCloud Mattress sits in the affordable end of the luxury mattress market, and you’ll find regular mattress sales on this hybrid to lower its already competitive price. It retails from $1,273 but it's currently $200 off — dropping the price of a twin to $699. DreamCloud also throws in a premium bedding bundle valued at up to $499.

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

Made from a combination of gel memory foam, polyfoam and tall, individually-wrapped springs, the DreamCloud mattress is medium-firm but with more bounce than you’ll find in many similar hybrids. 

This means it’s an absolute delight for back sleepers and is particularly effective at easing back and neck pains. Stomach sleepers also routinely love the DreamCloud since the hybrid nature of the mattress prevents a sleeper’s head from sinking too far into it. Side sleepers, however, are likely to find this mattress a little firm for their requirements.

If you like to customize your sleep surface, the Saatva Classic luxury hybrid mattress is available in two heights and three firmness levels. Our Saatva Classic mattress review explains why it's an ideal choice for all sleepers. The Saatva Classic is our top-rated mattress, but we recommend the DreamCloud as an affordable alternative. For more information, check out our Saatva Classic vs DreamCloud comparison.

DreamCloud specs

Type: Hybrid mattress in a box
Trial Period: 365 nights
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: $1,273 – $1,998
Height: 14 inches
Firmness (1-10): 6.5/10
User Review Rating: 4.8/5

The bouncy feel of the top layers does mean that there is slightly higher motion transfer than with some other comparable mattresses, although the foam doesn’t do a bad job of isolating motion. That's promising for couples who sleep with a restless partner.

You'll get 365 nights to trial the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress. That far surpasses the 100-night average we see from most other brands, and also allows you to test the DreamCloud throughout all four seasons. There's also a Lifetime Warranty — another industry best — along with free returns within the first year if you decide it's not right for you. (By comparison, rival Saatva charges $99 for return shipping, but it does offer free white glove delivery.)

DreamCloud: Prices and deals

The DreamCloud’s pricing places it squarely in the affordable end of the luxury mattress market. Here are the normal prices and the sale prices for each size:

  • Twin: $1,273 (usually priced $699)
  • Twin XL: $1,373 (usually priced $799)
  • Full: $1,598 (usually priced $899)
  • Queen: $1,698 (usually priced $999)
  • King: $1,998 (usually priced $1,299)
  • Cal King: $1,998 (usually priced $1,299)

As we mentioned at the top of this guide, DreamCloud has some of the biggest and most consistent mattress sales around, and you may be able to save more with DreamCloud coupons. At the moment it’s offering a queen size DreamCloud for $899 (was $1,698) – a saving of $799 plus $499-worth of free accessories that include a mattress protector, two cooling pillows and a sheets set. These sorts of discounts aren’t unusual with DreamCloud and most months you can find a substantial saving on its luxury hybrid.

View the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress from $699 at DreamCloud

View the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress from $699 at DreamCloud
The brand’s flagship mattress is the cheapest in the range and best suited to anyone dealing with neck and back pain, as well as couples who sleep hot and need a breathable mattress with good edge support so that they can spread out more. The DreamCloud comes with a whole year’s trial plus a forever warranty. We regularly see a queen size reduced to $999 (RRP: $1,698) along with up to $499 in free luxury bedding thrown in. 

DreamCloud: Design and materials

  • A 14" tall mattress with five layers
  • Has a cozy quilted cashmere blend top cover
  • Contains Certi-PUR-US-approved foams

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress materials diagram

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

The DreamCloud mattress is full of little touches that aid with the luxurious feel of the product. The cover is made from a breathable, cozy cashmere blend that’s also quilted to add more plushness. 

Beneath the cover you’ll find a gel memory foam layer, designed to contour to your body whilst stopping you from overheating. Traditionally, memory foam has been notorious for retaining body heat but the infusion of cooling gel in the DreamCloud mattress helps it to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

A transitional layer of polyfoam stops sleepers from sinking too far into the mattress as it responds faster than the memory foam above it. The main support system of the mattress is contained in a layer of tall, individually wrapped coils, which provide bounce and firmness in addition to support. Right at the bottom of the mattress is a base layer of polyfoam to keep the whole structure in shape.

DreamCloud’s foams all meet Certi-PUR-US standards for content, emissions and durability. This means they’re free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals, as well as being environmentally friendly.

DreamCloud: Comfort and support

  • Promotes proper alignment to alleviate neck and back pain
  • Back and front sleepers will feel most comfortable
  • Side sleepers may not think it has enough give

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress placed on a wooden bed frame in a white bedroom

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

The DreamCloud is made from high-quality materials that aid a good night’s sleep. It’s an extremely breathable mattress – starting with a soft, breathable cover through the layer of gel memory foam and down to the well-spaced-out coils that help promote airflow. It sleeps extremely cool and habitually hot sleepers report feeling comfortable throughout the night.

Promoting excellent spinal alignment, the DreamCloud is a natural fit for back sleepers and helps with back and neck pain. It’s also an excellent choice for stomach sleepers, providing enough sinkage to support and contour the body whilst keeping the head elevated. 

Back and stomach sleepers should find that it relieves pressure points extremely well. It’s a little too firm for side sleepers, particularly if they're more petite in stature. Overweight sleepers may find that they sink too far into the mattress, which can result in discomfort caused by the coil layer. 

There’s good edge support on the mattress, which means that sleepers can spread out and use every inch of the mattress surface. It’s not the best mattress on the market for motion transfer due to the bouncy nature of the coils, although it’s by no means that bad compared to many others. Overall, this is an extremely comfortable mattress that sleepers routinely look forward to getting into at night.

Should you buy the DreamCloud mattress?

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid lives up to its name. It’s an extremely luxurious mattress but without the high price tag of many of its rivals — especially if you take advantage of one of the brand’s frequent sales.

We think it’s a fantastic choice for back and stomach sleepers, providing plenty of pressure relief and helping to keep the spine aligned throughout the night. It’s also a godsend for those prone to back and neck pain, with many sleepers reporting alleviation in their symptoms after sleeping on the mattress.

Combination sleepers will enjoy the bounce of the mattress, which makes it easy to change position throughout the night. Dedicated side sleepers and those of a heavier weight are likely to find the mattress a little lacking in support.

Good edge support means sleepers can spread out and make use of the whole mattress and although there is some motion transfer it will probably not affect most sleepers. This is an excellent choice for a variety of sleeping styles and the quality of the mattress means you’ll get a long lifespan from it. 

Fortunately, there's a lifetime warranty to back you up should anything happen. And you'll get a full year to test it out before making a commitment, as well — you've not much to lose giving the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid a try.

DreamCloud: Competitors

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