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With Google Photos ending its unlimited free cloud storage for high-quality photos on June 1, you might be looking to try an alternative. For Amazon Prime subscribers, a good choice is Amazon Photos – and for people in the UK, it just became the best time to try out the service - well ahead of next month's Prime Day deals.

This latest offer will give Amazon Prime users in the UK a £7 store credit if you upload at least one photo through Amazon Photos for the first time before May 31, 2021. That almost covers one whole month of Prime for just storing a picture using a service you already have access to.

There are quite a few conditions for this £7 credit, though. Importantly, it has to be used before 15 June 2021. You also have to spend at least £25 to be able to apply the voucher, and you have to be a paying member of Prime (Business Prime members and those in a free trial are not eligible).

Interestingly, this offer also isn’t available for people who are only subscribed to Amazon Photos. We've also compiled a list of the best photo cloud storage services out there.

Amazon Prime: £7 voucher for using Amazon Photos

Amazon Prime: £7 voucher for using Amazon Photos
Amazon Photos offers Prime subscribers unlimited photo storage at full resolution and 5GB of video. If you’ve never used the service before this is your chance to make the easiest £7 ever – just upload a photo before May 31.

If you haven’t heard of Amazon Photos before, it’s well worth considering. While it’s gone somewhat under the radar as a digital photo storage option, Google Photos will soon be ending its unlimited free support for high quality photos – so it’s a good time to give it a spin.

Like most other Amazon services, if you’re a Prime member you’ve been paying for Photos this whole time. Your existing subscription will give you access to unlimited photo storage at full resolution through Amazon Photos, as well as 5GB of video. Alongside all your other Amazon Prime benefits, your subscription keeps on getting better and better.

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