Samsung Galaxy S9 deals: the pre-order prices to expect this Sunday

Samsung Galaxy S9 deals will be available to pre order from February 29

There's not long to wait now. The countdown to the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is dwindling fast, and you'll finally be able to order an S9 deal from 6pm this Sunday February 25.

Naturally, TechRadar will help you find your perfect Galaxy S9 deal as soon as pre-orders go live - we'll have prices from all the top retailers and networks including Carphone Warehouse, EE and Three on this very page (better bookmark it). But until then, we'll tell you how much you should budget for.

We've been doing this for a few years now so we think we can make an educated guess in terms of what to expect when Samsung Galaxy S9 deals go live to pre-order. And thanks to a timely leak, we're now 99.99999% sure of what the SIM-free Galaxy S9 will cost at the outset.

Samsung Galaxy S9: how much will it cost?

We've been told by a trusted industry insider that the Galaxy S9 will cost around £50 more than the S8 did when it launched in 2017. That means you should expect to pay £739 if you want to get the handset immediately.

Over the last year, the most cost-effective way of purchasing a newly launched phone has been to buy it outright and then combine it with a cheap SIM only deal. You can get 4GB for £10pm at the moment, for example. Combine it for 24 months with the assumed £739 purchase price and the total (£979) shaves some cash off what we're expecting to see from contract deals - but only just.

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When can I buy the Samsung Galaxy S9?

Unlike the shroud of mystery that always surrounds iPhone launches (the iPhone X and 8 unveiling from last September being a case in point), Samsung has already told us when to expect the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S9 - we'll get our first glimpse in Barcelona at the MWC 2018 event at 5pm GMT on Sunday February 25.

Unless Samsung throws us a curveball, pre-orders will be available to snap up immediately afterwards. The company tends to leave a few weeks in between launch and release dates and likes to stock the shelves on a Friday, so our best guess at the moment is that you could be clutching your brand new Samsung on or around March 16 2018.

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TechRadar predicts the best Galaxy S9 deal on contract

Ok, so let's get down to some serious business. Of course there are going to be some people who have the best part of a grand to splash on a new unlocked Galaxy S9 SIM-free handset, but most of you will want to know how much contract deals are likely to cost.

Based on the information we've had about the standalone SIM-free handset cost, we reckon that contract deals will be equidistant between the tariffs we saw when the S8 and Note 8 were put on pre-order. On that basis, expect the most affordable contract to look something like this:

Samsung Galaxy S9 | £145 upfront | 3GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £35pm
O2 has been the network leading the way on the last two high profile Samsung smartphone releases, and its 3GB data tariffs have been the most eye-catching. We think the minimum amount of money you'll pay over the two years will just break the £1,000-mark, with £35 sounding like a reasonable amount to see on your bills each month. Total cost over 24 months £985

If the above is accurate, then the Galaxy S9 will cost a fraction less than Apple iPhone 8 deals when they launched in September last year. That makes sense, considering that each year's new Samsung Galaxy tends to undercut the iPhone.

For people who need more than 3GB of data a month, you should expect to pay a couple of quid extra per month to take things up to the 8GB-10GB realm and in excess of £40 monthly payments for 20GB+ worth of streaming, surfing and downloading every 30 days.

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