The best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals in July 2024

When Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals hit the virtual shelves in 2020, it offered a kind of hybrid between the manufacturer's top level phones and its mid-range A-series.

And now that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has finally landed, S20 FE deals look more attractive than ever. They're your way of owning a very capable handset from one of the world's biggest phone manufacturers but, crucially, at a budget price tag.

Externally, it looks the same as the regular S20 model - it has the same hole-punch camera in the middle of the display, the same rear-camera bump and even a similar body.

Despite its lower price, Samsung Galaxy FE deals manage to keep up an impressive camera performance. There's a 32MP selfie camera and on the front, a 12MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide and a 8MP 3x zoom (and 30x zoom). That makes this all very similar to the S20 and S20 Ultra for specs.

Moving internally, the device features a 4500mAh battery (with fast and wireless charging capabilities), an IP68 rating and a Snapdragon 865 processor in the 5G model or a Exynos 990 in the 4G model - all specs that are similar to the pricier S20.

On this page you will find all of the cheapest prices available across Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals. Or if you're looking for something newer, see Samsung's latest flagship tariffs with our Samsung Galaxy S21 deals guide.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals: trade-in your old phone to save money

If you have an old device you're looking to get rid of when you switch to the FE, you can get some good money for it by recycling it. While there are a number of recycling services out there, SellMyMobile seems to be one of the best.

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Depending on what your old device is and its current state, you can get a quite good return on your old phone.

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Samsung Galaxy FE review:

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung Galaxy FE review in brief

A budget edition of Samsung's S20 series


Screen size: 6.5-inch
Resolution: 1080 X 2400
Rear camera: 12 + 8 + 12MP
Front Camera: 32MP
Weight: 190g
OS: Android 10
Storage: 128GB
External storage: Yes
Battery: 4500mAh

Reasons to buy

Affordably priced
5G enabled
Impressive camera performance

Reasons to avoid

Back of phone feels cheap

The Samsung Galaxy FE is here to fill a space that many have likely hoped for - a cheaper version of the S20 range. Considering it comes in £200 cheaper than the S20, it falls more into the mid-range phone category.

Despite this, it remains a top-notch phone. It has a similar camera performance to the S20 and S20 Plus, offering up to 30x zoom, a 32MP selfie camera and a triple camera set-up on the back.

Internally you're getting a 4500mAh battery with fast and wireless charging and 6GB RAM. To top it off, the display is a 6.5-inch AMOLED 2X screen with 120hz refresh rate.

Overall, this is another great phone from Samsung.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy FE review to find out more

SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals:

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a more affordable version of the S20 series, providing a lot of the same specs at a far lower price tag. However, even with the lower costs, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals on contract can still be expensive.

To reduce prices, you could always get the device SIM-free, with the cost coming in at £599. Once you've bought the device you can then pair it with cheap SIM only deals to get the lowest cost possible.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals: FAQ

Should I get the S20 FE or the regular Samsung S20?

Both of these devices are pretty similar with the biggest difference being in the S20 FE's lower price tag. It comes in a couple of hundred pounds less than the S20 making it the most affordable of the range.

However, the FE does have to make a few sacrifices to get that lower cost. The body is a glass/plastic cross with a slightly cheaper feel and although the S20 FE has a larger battery, it does drop the screen quality and the amount of GB on offer.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE worth its price tag?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is the most affordable of the S20 range, undercutting the S20 in price. So it's cheap...but is it any good? Realistically, it takes all of the best specs of the rest of the S20 range, only losing out in a few areas.

Overall, with top-tier cameras, a high-end display and powerful battery and processor, the S20 FE is more than worth the price you're paying.

Should you upgrade to the 5G edition?

This is going to be a key question when you come to purchase the S20 FE. While 5G isn't exactly wide-spread right now, it will likely become more accessible soon. Therefore, if you know its something you will want to use, make sure you get the 5G version.

However, if you have no real interest in 5G and see it as more of an add-on feature, feel free to skip it. The average person is unlikely going to get much use out of it anyway.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE the best budget Android?

While the S20 FE does do a great job at bringing Samsung's high-end devices down in price, offering top specs for a lower price, it isn't the only handset doing this. In fact, there is somewhat of a trend of it recently.

Google Pixel 4a deals for example bring forward Google's market-leading camera specs while knocking the price right down. In essence, it's nowhere near as powerful as the S20 FE but it is far cheaper and has an excellent camera performance.

iPhone SE deals are another budget option. While it looks like an older iPhone, it has the same processor as the iPhone 11 and a few clever tricks to bring it into 2020 - plus it's roughly half the price of the S20 FE.

Even OnePlus Nord deals can be another option. While it's a lesser-known brand, it has one of the best budget phones around. It rivals the S20 FE in many ways but brings the cost you're paying way down.

How does this compare to the Samsung Galaxy S21?

The S20 FE has now been replaced by the newer Samsung Galaxy S21, offering up to date specs. Especially, the introduction of the new Exynos 2100 processor.

This brings the handset up to a whole new level of power, processing ability and camera performance. On top of that, the S21 features a similar price tag  to what is available from the S20 FE.

With all of this in mind, it is worth also looking at Samsung's newer handsets to see how they weigh up in your mind.

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