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The best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals in April 2021

It feels like just yesterday that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals were the new, innovative kid on the block and yet, it has actually now been over a year since its release. A good few Samsung devices later and the price of this handset is taking a fall.

But despite its age (1 year is a lifetime in phone years), the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is still one of the best phones on the market. Yes, it lacks some of the power and style of the more recent Note 10 but like many other older devices, it makes up for that in price.

We’re now starting to see Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals drop to below £30 a month without even pushing hard on your upfront costs. And we can only expect prices to drop even further, especially if you're thinking of going SIM-free.

Despite being superseded by both the S10 range and Samsung’s Note 10, the Note 9 still feels high-tech in its features across the board. Internally it houses a whopping 4000mAh battery and an 8GB RAM processor, easily keeping up with the devices of 2019.

It might not have the triple camera set-up we’ve become used to in 2019 but it does have a stellar low light camera, the implementation of Samsung’s ‘S’ pen and no matter which model you go for, a load of storage.

Realistically, when you buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10 deals, you’re getting all of the features of the phones that came after it...just at a far lower price. We’ve gathered all of the Note 10 contracts and plans and listed them in our comparison chart so you can find your ideal choice.

Compare Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review in brief

Samsung's big, powerful phablet


Screen size: 6.4-inch | Resolution: 1440 x 2960 | Rear camera: 12 + 12MP | OS: Android 8.1 (Oreo) | RAM: 6GB | Storage: 512GB | Battery: 4000mAh | Weight: 201h

Reasons to Buy

Massive infinity display
Superb camera
S Pen

Reasons to Avoid

Costly price tag

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may now be considered 'old' after the release of the Galaxy S10 Plus but let us reassure you it is anything but. Fast processing speeds, a massive infinity display, big battery and a pen to make your phone experience more interesting. Everything screams top-end device with this phone.

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SIM-free Note 9 prices

If you were hoping that we were going to sit here and tell you that buying a Note 9 outright is reasonably priced, then we have some disappointing news...

The starting RRP of the 128GB Galaxy Note 9 is £899. So, looking on the bright side, at least that's cheaper than the iPhone X! The 512GB version, however, is not - you're looking at £1,099 for that beasty.

You can buy the Note 9 outright directly from Samsung here

So if you were thinking to grab it and combine with a new SIM only deal to save some cash, there aren't massive savings to be had (unless you don't mind slumming it with 500MB of data).