Emma mattress sales for September 2023: up to 75% off the Emma Premium

Emma mattress sales
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Emma mattress sales and deals can save you a welcome amount on a new bed, and we'll let you know all about the latest deals right here. Right now the Emma Summer Sale can get you up to 55% off selected mattresses, bed frames, bedding and bundles.

It gets better than that, though. Emma has just started clearing its stock of the Emma Premium, and while most sizes are reduced by 55% (which isn't a bad discount at all), the double and king sizes are down by 75% while stocks last. That means you can have a double for just £274.75, and a king size for £324.75. They're both cheaper than the single (reduced to £359.55 right now), and for that price you'd be daft not to; see our Emma Premium mattress review to learn what makes this one such a good buy.

There are also discounts on mattress bundles, bedroom sets, beds and bedding, including price reductions on Emma's Flip Topper, Premium Microfibre pillow and Cloud duvet.

Emma makes some of the best mattresses around, and our Emma Mattress review can give you an idea of what makes them so good. They come with a 10-year guarantee and a 200-night risk-free trial, so if you change your mind, Emma will refund your money and collect the mattress. Read on for a closer look at the best Emma mattress sales and deals live right now. 

Emma Premium Mattress: was

Emma Premium Mattress: was £1,099 now from £274.75 at Emma
This medium-firm, six-layer hybrid mattress is made with premium springs and Airgocell memory foam, created to be more breathable than standard foam. It adds a layer of tall springs compared to the Original, which encourage airflow through the mattress as well as boosting support. Emma's clearing older stock of the Premium, with a whopping 75% off the double and king size prices. That means a double will cost you £274.75 while a king's just £324.75; they could sell out fast, though, so don't miss out!

Emma Original mattress: was

Emma Original mattress: was £311 now from £264.35 at Emma
The Original is Emma’s bestselling mattress and our top-rated memory foam bed in the UK. It features three layers of foam, which gently hug your body. It's comfy in all sleeping positions, but best for size sleepers. It comes in two versions, the standard and the Plus with a slightly upgraded cover; only one of these ever seems to be discounted at any time, and we'd advise buying the one that's currently on sale as there's very little difference between them. Currently the standard Original is discounted by 15%, and a double will cost you £402.90, down from £474.

Emma Luxe Cooling mattress: was

Emma Luxe Cooling mattress: was £1,198 now from £658.90 at Emma
A new addition to the Emma lineup in December 2022, the Emma Luxe Cooling mattress is geared especially towards temperature regulation. The Emma Original can sleep slightly warm, so we're very intrigued to see how this one performs, with its patented cooling technology. This one comes in a standard and a Plus version with an upgraded cover; at the moment the standard version has 45% off, bringing the price of a double down to £988.90, reduced from £1,798.

Emma bedding sale: save up to 55% on select items

Emma bedding sale: save up to 55% on select items
There are better-than-half-price savings to be had on Emma's bedding range. The Original Pillow is on sale with 50% off, bringing the price down to £52.50, the Flip Topper starts at £107.40 with 40% off, while the 4-Season Duvet has 50% off, with prices starting at £156.

Emma mattress sales 2023: what you need to know

On the hunt for a comfy memory foam mattress that suits all sleepers? Or are you a side sleeper looking for more cushioning around your hips, shoulders and knees? Either way, the three-layer Emma Original is an excellent choice. 

It contours to your body, hugging your curves and relieving pressure across key impact points (back, shoulders and hips). It sleeps a little warmer than the Emma Premium hybrid, so those who tend to sleep hot might want to consider upgrading. 

We recommend the Original to all sleepers, including couples who have different bedtime schedules. That’s because the Emma has great motion isolation, so you won’t disturb each other with your movements. Fortunately, you can find it discounted on its own or part of a bundle among Emma mattress deals.

Emma mattress sales, discounts and deals: The Emma Original shown on a white background

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If you are heavier in weight and are looking for something firmer, the medium-firm Emma Premium hybrid is a good choice for you. This is cooler than the Original, as air flows better around the springs inside, while the Airgocell foam is designed to be more breathable. This foam is in the Original too. 

In between these two options is the Emma Hybrid, combining three foam layers (including Airgocell foam) with a 2.5cm layer of mini pocket springs delivering breathability and support. Emma also has a generous 200-night risk-free trial and a 10-year guarantee. 

Which Emma mattress should I choose? 

There are three mattresses in the Emma UK range: the Emma Original, the Emma Hybrid and the Emma Premium. All three are 25cm thick and deliver a medium-firm level of comfort. However, the Emma Original Mattress is made of foam and memory foam, while the Emma Hybrid and Emma Premium Mattress are made of memory foam and springs. 

Memory foam mattresses are particularly good at relieving pressure, making them ideal for people with back and joint problems. And they also allow for minimal motion transfer, meaning you won't be kept awake by your partner tossing and turning. As for hybrids, they tend to provide more bounce and better edge support, the latter making it easier to sit on the side of the bed to get dressed.

If you live in the US, you also have two Emma mattresses: the Emma Original US and the Emma CliMax Hybrid. The latter is a premium, foam and spring mattress geared towards plus-sized sleepers and couples. It can support up to 1,000 lbs. Released in autumn 2022, it appears to have replaced the Emma ACT (Active Cooling Technology) Hybrid.

Emma mattress discounts, sales and deals: the Emma Original Mattress with a grey base and white cover

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1. Emma Original mattress deals

The best Emma mattress for most sleepers - superb value

Sizes: 5 (Single to super-king | Depth: 25cm | Turn: No | Filling: Foam, memory foam | Comfort: Medium-firm | Trial: 200 nights | Guarantee: Ten years | RRP: £499 – £899

Excellent value for money
Relieves pressure on hips and back
Comfy for all sleeping positions
Sleeps a little warm

According to Emma, the Original mattress came about after the brand's owner struggled to find a mattress that he liked. Designed “in painstaking detail” by Emma's in-house sleep experts, the Original Mattress has gone on to become one of the UK's best-sellers. 

Featuring a layer of Halo Memory Foam that adapts to your body shape for optimal spinal alignment, a layer of Emma's own temperature-regulating Point Elastic Airgocell foam, plus a generous chunk of HRX Supreme Foam to help distribute your body weight and relieve aches and pains, the Emma Original Mattress could be just what you need for a perfect night's rest.
UK prices for the Emma Original Mattress range from £499 to £899 when not on sale, but right now you can buy a single for just £249.50 and a double size for £349.50 (was £699). While Emma regularly offers discounts on its boxed mattresses, this 50% saving is the best we've seen since Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We doubt the prices will get lower or the deals better beyond this, so if you want the cheapest Emma mattress for the cheapest price, jump on this before the Boxing Day sale ends on 31 Dec.

Emma mattress discounts, sales and deals: the Emma Hybrid Mattress

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2. Emma Hybrid Mattress deals

A great Emma mattress for side sleepers

Sizes: 5 (Single to super-king | Depth: 25cm | Turn: No | Filling: Foam, memory foam, springs | Comfort: Medium-firm | Trial: 200 nights | Guarantee: Ten years | RRP: £653 – £1,198

Great value
Good pressure relief
Perfect for side sleepers
Not much bounce
Sleeps a bit warm

The Emma Hybrid occupies a weird and complicated position in the Emma pantheon; despite what the Emma Original might have you think, the first actual Emma mattress was a hybrid much like this. However after the subsequent memory foam Original became a huge success, Emma retired the Hybrid. Then Emma launched the Emma Premium (which was originally called the Emma Hybrid Original), and now Emma's brought back the Emma Hybrid, which has a similar build to the original Hybrid. Confused? So are we.

All you need to know is that this one's Emma's cheaper hybrid option, and its construction is a lot like the Emma Original, with the addition of a layer of mini pocket springs. It's a relatively soft hybrid option, making it a good choice for side sleepers, although its single thin layer of springs doesn't really give it the bounce that you'd expect from a hybrid mattress.

At RRP the Emma Hybrid's at the cheaper end of the hybrid scale; a Single is priced at £653 while a double will cost you £607. However we'd advise waiting for the Emma Hybrid to be included in a sale, which it isn't at the time of writing; given Emma's usual discount, this should bring the price down by about half, making it every good value indeed.

Emma mattress discounts, sales and deals: The Emma Premium Mattress with a grey base and white top

(Image credit: Emma Sleep)

3. Emma Premium Mattress deals

This high-end Emma hybrid mattress is ideal for couples

Sizes: 4 (single to super-king | Depth: 25cm | Turn: No | Filling: Foam, memory foam, springs | Comfort: Medium-firm | Trial: 200 nights | Guarantee: Ten years | RRP: £749 – £1,319

More breathable than the Original
Enhanced comfort and support
Ready to sleep on within minutes
A little firm for lighter bodies

Formerly known as the Emma Original Hybrid, the Emma Premium offers four foam and memory foam layers that work together to deliver good support for the spine, shoulders and hips.

There's also enhanced breathability to keep you cool throughout the night, plus a layer of Emma's patented 5 Zone CarbonFlex technology. With each zone containing hundreds of titanium coil springs, this is as close to personalised support as you'll get with an Emma mattress.

Prices for the Emma Premium Mattress range from £749 to £1,319, but in the Emma Boxing Day sale a single costs £374.50, while a double size is priced £499.50 (was £999), while a super king is priced £659.50 (was £1,319. 

As previously mentioned, the sale prior to this one saw the price of the Emma Premium reduced by 40%, so this new 50% saving is the best we've seen since Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Emma Black Friday deals and sales: what you need to know

The Black Friday mattress deals typically deliver the lowest prices of the year (in the US, they roll over into the Cyber Monday mattress deals, but that's not such a thing in the UK). So what did we see in the Emma Black Friday sales 2022? Emma was one of the very first to pull the trigger with a Black Friday branded sale – the Halloween Black Friday Special deal went live over the final weekend of October. It continued with various different Black Friday sales throughout the course of November, and over Black Friday itself, through into the first half of December.  

In reality, throughout this period the pricing of the Original remained exactly the same as it had been since at least the summer, with 50% off all sizes (double: £379.50). The deal on the Premium was better. We typically see perhaps 50% off, but Emma bumped this up to 55% off in November (double: £494.55). 

So how does this compare to previous years? Because the ticket prices of Emma mattresses fluctuate, it's important to look at the pricing as well as the percentage discount.

Last year, the official Black Friday sale started on in the UK on 12 November, with 45% off both the Emma Original and the Emma Premium. Unusually, in the weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the brand increased the discount to 50% off. The year before (2020), there was 35% off sitewide at Emma UK (price matched at John Lewis), and a 3-month Headspace subscription was bundled in with mattress purchases if you bought direct from the brand. 

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Emma Black Friday deals: price history
Header Cell - Column 0 Emma Original (double)
2022£379.50 (RRP £759)
2021£349.50 (RRP £699)
2020£343.85 (RRP £529)

Do you need an Emma mattress discount code?

For these current offers, an Emma mattress discount code isn't necessary as sale prices are reflected right on the product page. But when they are required, you'll usually find them on a sale banner that'll activate the discount so you don't have to type the code in yourself.

You can also sign up for the Emma Sleep newsletter to avail yourself of special Emma mattress deals and promotions throughout the year.

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