Emma Premium topper review

This thick, cushiony foam topper will transform any old mattress

Emma Premium topper, low side view
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At 9cm thick, the Emma Premium Topper is deep enough to transform the feel of any mattress, masking any number of lumps and bumps beneath. The internal foam layers are squishy and sumptuous – to be honest, perhaps a little too much so, as I felt unsupported when lying on my back, and found it a bit difficult to change position. I'd recommend it to lightweight people, some side sleepers, and anyone who knows they love a super-soft mattress.


  • +

    Super soft and squishy

  • +

    Thick enough to mask bumps

  • +


  • +

    Cover washable at 40C

  • +

    Grippy base fabric keeps it in place


  • -

    No straps

  • -

    Lacks support for some sleepers

  • -

    Will likely require deep sheets

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Emma Premium topper: Two-minute review

The Emma Premium Mattress Topper is a chunky, 9cm-deep foam topper that promises to boost in-bed comfort without trapping heat. I slept on this topper for two weeks to see if it could deliver on those claims, as well as to judge how it compares to the rest of the best mattress toppers on the market. We rate Emma to be among the best mattress brands on the market (discover the reasons for this in our Emma mattress review and Emma NextGen Premium review), so I was excited to see how this topper performed in practice. 

Overall, I was impressed. While it isn't the right fit for me specifically, I believe it will be the ideal topper for certain groups of people. The two layers of foam deliver a plush, squashy feel that's great for lightweight people, some side sleepers, and anyone who is already a fan of a soft mattress. It's also thick enough to totally transform the feel of your existing bed. It's less well suited to heavier individuals and back or stomach sleepers, who (like me) might find the feel too soft, and lacking in support. 

Price is another potential sticking point; it's fluctuated quite dramatically while I've been testing and writing this review, although it has remained in the premium price bracket. The quality and the fact it's thick enough to transform your existing mattress go some way to justifying the higher price, but there are plenty of cheaper options for those on a budget. Read on for my full Emma Premium Topper review. 

Emma Premium Topper

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Emma Premium Topper review: Design

  • Thick, 9cm depth topper with two different layers of foams
  • Polyester cover can be removed and washed at 40C
  • No straps or elasticated skirt to keep the topper in place

The Emma Premium Topper has a generous depth of 9cm. Unless your current mattress is pancake thin, it will probably require the purchase of extra-deep sheets. I added it to a 28cm mattress, with the topper taking things to slightly comical heights (I almost had to hop up into bed, and I'm not a short person).  

Inside, you'll find two layers of foam: a thinner top layer of ThermoSync foam and a thicker bottom level of comfort foam. The uppermost foam is infused with graphite, to aid with temperature regulation (it also features in Emma's cooling mattress, which you can read about that in our Emma Luxe Cooling mattress review). 

Emma Premium Topper zipped open to show foams inside

(Image credit: Future)

The cover is made from 98 per cent polyester and 2 per cent elastane, and it can be removed using the zip and washed at 40C – which isn't quite hot enough to kill off dust mites, but still helpful if you're prone to spillages. The cover isn't suitable for tumble drying, bleaching or ironing. I'd still be tempted to add one of the best mattress protectors, for even easier cleaning. 

The base is made from a textured, slightly plasticky material. The topper is described as being flippable, but I'm pretty sure that's an error – I certainly wouldn't want to sleep on that base fabric. Although it's no good for lying on, the textured surface feels nice and durable, and does a good job of keeping the topper in place on the bed. This is good news, since there are no straps or other method of attaching it to your bed.

Emma Premium Topper, pulled up to show grippy base fabric

(Image credit: Future)

During my review, I topped it with a mattress protector with an elasticated skirt, and used a fitted sheet. All that, combined with the grippy base, kept the topper in place effectively. It all felt secure, and I never once had to reposition it during the two-week test period. I'm not sure how well it would fare just with a flat sheet, though. 

The Emma Premium Topper is available in UK single, small double, double, king, and super king sizes. At the time of writing, there's one other topper in the Emma range – the Flip Topper, which is thinner at 6cm and can be flipped to give a softer or firmer feel. It's also very pleasing to say out loud. 

Emma Premium Topper review: Price & value for money

  • Sits in the premium price bracket; price has fluctuated
  • At maximum price, almost as expensive as a full mattress
  • Thickness and quality of materials somewhat justifies higher pricing

Since I started writing this review, the Emma Premium Topper's pricing has changed quite considerably. At time of my original draft, a double cost £330, but by the time I was ready to publish, this had shot up to £419. Our premium price bracket for toppers is anything above £200 for a double, so it's definitely a pricey option. There are regular Emma mattress sales, but the toppers aren't usually discounted.

At time of publishing, here are the RRPs for the main sizes:

  • Single: £289
  • Small double: £349
  • Double: £419
  • King: £459
  • Super king: £509

The topper is thick enough to justify being in that premium bracket; it feels very well made, and it will totally change the feel of your bed. However, I'm not sure it's worth over £400. Some of today's best cheap mattresses cost less than that – in fact, a double Emma Original mattress is only slightly pricier.

Emma Premium Topper review: Comfort & performance

  • Squishy, sink-in, contouring feel
  • Thick, so will make your sleep surface feel unstable 
  • Best for side sleepers and those who love a soft mattress

Emma's Premium Topper has a plush, squishy feel, and that softness is enhanced as a result of its thickness. The Emma brand is known for making some of the best memory foam mattresses around, and you're getting some of that magic here. The foam contours gently around the sleeper's joints, gently cushioning and relieving pressure. 

Although the feel of a topper will be affected by what's beneath it, because this one is so thick, it has a pretty transformative effect. It's chunky enough to mask any lumps and bumps in an existing mattress – and if your bed is far too firm, then it will sort that right out, too. 

Emma Premium Topper with reviewer lying on it

(Image credit: Future)

I'm 5ft 8in tall, of average build, and typically go to sleep on my back but switch to my side in the night. I found this topper too soft to lie on for long periods on my back, as my hips sank too far in and left my back unsupported. It was more comfortable when lying on my side.

That all makes sense: the best mattresses for side sleepers are often a little softer, to prevent pressure from building up in the hip and shoulder while continuing to keep the spine aligned; back and stomach sleepers need something firmer, however, to maintain that neutral spinal position. 

Some memory foams have a "quicksand" feel, where they're slow to respond to changes in pressure. That's not really the case here – if I press on the surface and remove my hand, it springs back quickly, and I'm not left with an outline of a handprint in the surface. However, the softness of the foam layers and the overall thickness of the topper mean that the sleep surface can feel a bit unstable, making it slightly tricky to change position.

Emma Premium Topper with weight resting on it to show sinkage

(Image credit: Future)

I would be wary of recommending this topper to heavier individuals, since I often felt that I wasn't quite supported enough. This lead to aches and pains in the morning – maybe the result of shifting about on that slightly unstable surface, perhaps ending up twisting in a sub-optimal sleep position. However, if you're of lighter body weight, or generally just know you get on well with a softer mattress, then this plush topper may prove perfect for you. 

Note, too, that the softness and thickness of the topper is particularly noticeable around the edges. Many mattresses come with edge reinforcements; that's never really a feature on a topper, with most shallow enough not to matter. If you need a sturdy edge to push up off when rising in the morning, you might get on better with a thinner or firmer topper. 

Close up of cover fabric on Emma Premium Topper

(Image credit: Future)

A common issue with memory foam is that it can cling on to body heat, but I'm pleased to report that I didn't have any problems with the Emma Premium Topper running hot. I found it warmed to a neutral body temperature and stayed that way. I will add the caveat that during testing it was about the coldest overnight temperatures ever seen in my part of England – around -1C, or sometimes colder – so not the best conditions in which to test this properly. Even with that considered, I think the cooling properties of this topper are solid.

Emma Premium Topper review: Customer experience

  • Free delivery and returns, 100-night trial and 10-year guarantee
  • Vacuum-packed and rolled for delivery, but still heavy to move

The Emma Premium Topper arrived rolled and vacuum-packed in plastic, and in a box. I was surprised at how big and heavy it was. Many would be right to assume that a topper will be very portable; but at 9cm thick, it adds up to quite a volume of foam (I tested a double size).

Sometimes, foam bed-in-a-box mattresses give off an odour known as off-gassing when released from their wrappings. While harmless, it can be unpleasant. However, there was no reason for concern here: if I stuck my nose right into it, there was a faint "new mattress" smell, but nothing overpowering. Note that experiences can vary from person to person, even with the same product.

The trial period is generous at 100 nights. That's in line with the shortest full mattress trial periods.

Emma Premium Topper specs

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MaterialsMemory foam, other foam
Cover98% polyester / 2% elastane.
CareCover removable and washable at 40C; do not tumble dry, bleach, iron
Trial period100 nights
Warranty10 years
Price bracketPremium
Double price£330
SizesSingle, small double, double, king, super king
DeliveryFree delivery to your door
ReturnsFree within trial period

Should I buy the Emma Premium Topper?

Buy it if...

✅ You want your mattress to be much softer: This topper is thick, and plush. You could probably lie it on a concrete floor and happily sleep on it.

You're a lightweight side sleeper: This level of squishiness is best suited to side sleepers and those of light body weight. When lying on your side, the foam contours around your joints and prevents pressure building up in the shoulder. 

You have a bumpy old mattress: At 9cm thick, the Emma Premium Topper is deep enough to mask all manner of ills beneath it. 

Don't buy it if...

You lie on your back or stomach: This topper is likely to be too soft for most back or stomach sleepers, especially if they're on the heavier side. Generally, those positions require a medium-firm or firm feeling bed to keep the spine properly supported. 

❌ You have mobility problems: The depth and plushness of the Emma Premium Topper means it will make your mattress super squishy, as a result making it difficult to change position. It will also make the edges of your bed softer and less supportive, which might be an issue if you like to sit on the edge of the bed or use it to push up off when getting up in the morning. 

You already have a deep mattress: At 9cm thick, this is one deep topper. Add it to an already thick mattress (such as mine) and your bed quickly starts to look ridiculous. You'll need deep sheets to cover both the topper and your mattress – and, depending on how tall you are and the height of your frame, you genuinely might have to end up having to hop into bed each night.

How I tested the Emma Premium Topper

I slept slept on the Emma Premium Topper every night for two weeks. I added it to a Brook + Wilde Elite mattress (firm feel) and used a thin mattress protector and fitted sheet, along with a duvet and cotton bedding. It was winter during my review period, and very cold overnight – temperatures dipped to -1C on occasion. The temperature in my flat was pretty warm, however. 

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