Casper 2-in-1 pillow deal is the sleeper hit of Prime Day

Casper Original pillow
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While the Prime Day fall event (currently running) does include some mattress offers, as TechRadar's Sleep Editor, the deal I'd recommend if you're wanting to upgrade your sleep is 30% off the Casper Original pillow. Casper is always popular, and this is one of the best Prime Day deals we've spotted – it's an all-time low price. 

This mattress has a cool design that's basically a small, supportive pillow that zips into its own soft and fluffy pillow jacket. So you get the plushness of the outer level (no sore ear, side sleepers), but you won't sink all the way through and end up with a cricked neck, either. We rate this amongst the very best pillows around, especially for combi sleepers (i.e. people who move into multiple positions throughout the night). In our Casper Original pillow review, our testers said, "though it is soft, our head and neck remained well-supported for a suspended cloud-like feel". 

Casper Original pillow:  was $65, now $45 at Amazon (save $20)

Casper Original pillow: was $65, now $45 at Amazon (save $20)
Head to the Prime Day fall sale for 30% off the Casper Original Pillow. The clever design has a fluffy outer layer, with a more supportive mini-pillow tucked in the middle. Deal also available on the king size (down from $85 to $59.50).

The deal is actually also available on Casper's Essential pillow. This is a budget version that you can't buy direct from Casper. We haven't tried it out, so we can't personally vouch for how comfy it is, but it seems to use the same materials as the inner pillow of the Original, which bodes well. It comes highly reviewed too, especially if you prefer a softer pillow. 

Casper Essential pillow:  was $45, now $29.92 at Amazon (save $16)

Casper Essential pillow: was $45, now $29.92 at Amazon (save $16)
For those on a tighter budget, the Casper Essential pillow is also 30% off in the Prime sale. We haven't tested this one out, but it comes highly reviewed on Amazon (4.4 average over 1,400+ reviews), with customers finding the soft and squishy sleep feel super-comfy. The deal is also available on the king size (down from $60 to $42).

I said at the start of this article that you should avoid the Prime Day mattress deals. There is one very cheap mattress deal that I think is worth considering if you're on a super-tight budget and/or need something for the spare room (more info here). In general though, you won't find many of today's best mattresses on Amazon, and while there are decent mattress sales happening elsewhere today, you're more likely to score lower prices if you wait for the Black Friday mattress deals to drop in a few weeks. 

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