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The Casper Original Pillow doubles up on comfort with a clever design

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The Casper Original Pillow is an excellent choice for combination sleepers seeking a pillow that'll adapt quickly as they shift positions at night. Our testing panel was expecting a lusciously plush pillow that we'd sink into deeply — but though it is soft, our head and neck remained well-supported for a suspended cloud-like feel. It's machine-washable, but frequent fluffing may be necessary over time, which could be cumbersome with Casper's (otherwise innovative) pillow-in-pillow design. The Casper Original pillow comes with 30 days for you to try it out, and is backed by a 1-year limited warranty if you opt to keep it.


  • +

    Innovative dual-pillow design

  • +

    Extremely soft yet very supportive

  • +

    Great for combi sleepers

  • +

    Comes in two loft profiles


  • -

    Fluffing it can be a chore

  • -

    Prone to crinkling and clumping

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The Casper Original Pillow claims to be one of the best pillows in the world, no matter your sleep style. And with an innovative doubled-up design that gently shifts to adapt to the sleeper, we were intrigued to test it out for ourselves.

Casper is no stranger to great sleep – it has a reputation as one of the best mattress brands around (although to be perfectly honest, we were underwhelmed in our Casper Original mattress review). We were pleased to discover that the Original Casper Pillow is definitely up to scratch, with a pillow-in-pillow design and breathable weave. It also claims to be clump-resistant and is machine washable.

Read on to find out how we got on with the Casper Original Pillow, over two (blissful) weeks...

Casper Original Pillow: Review in brief

We’ll get straight to the point and reveal that we loved this pillow. However, it’s not without its flaws, which could be make or break for some sleepers. 

The Casper Original Pillow has two parts, the first of which is a firmer interior pillow with a polyester filling and non-removable cotton cover. This fits neatly inside an outer pillow, which is filled with a softer filling. Simply zip up this second pillow like a jacket and you’re good to go.

Casper claims its Original pillow is good for all sleeping positions, as the dual-pillow design adapts to the sleeper by subtly allowing the two pillows to shift. The outer pillow is designed with a gusset, which gives the inner pillow a little room to move. For instance, our main tester is a combination sleeper and found the pillow to be extremely comfortable, sinking into the cloud-like outer layer while still feeling the right amount of support from the inner core. In all, each of our testers felt their spines were comfortably aligned without any neck strain. 

Casper recommends plumping its Original pillow daily by separating the pillows and tending to each one before putting them back together. Admittedly we didn’t do this every day – and it was still fine – but you will need to do it on occasion in order to maintain a full-feeling pillow. 

Another downside was some slight rustling, which comes from the lining of the outer pillow. While it didn’t bother us so much, if you are a sensitive sleeper or have sensory issues, you might find it annoying.

Overall, the Original Casper Pillow is an excellent choice for most types of sleepers. It comes in two sizes: standard (18in x 26 in) and king (18in x 34 in) plus two loft profiles (low or mid-range). The standard size retails for $89 and the king for $109; however frequent Casper mattress sales will allow you to save up to 40% off. You'll also avail of a small discount if you buy the pillows as a pair.

A 30-night trial is included – keep in mind that it takes your body about three weeks to adapt to a new pillow and decide whether it's the right fit for your sleep and posture. Returns are free within the trial period if you feel it doesn't suit your needs; otherwise, a 1-year warranty applies.

Casper Original Pillow: Materials and care

  • Contains an inner core and outer layer with low-friction fibers
  • The 100% cotton cover has a percale weave to help keep sleepers cool
  • Keep it clean by tossing it in the wash on the gentle cycle

The Casper Original Pillow has a 100% cotton cover, a polyester fabric lining and polyester microfiber fill. (Casper claims there are nearly a 'billion tiny fibers' that fill the pillow – but who's counting?) The inner core contains low-friction, silky fibers for 'contouring, springy support', while the outer layer has the same fill for added cushioning. The 100% cotton cover is a breathable percale weave, which allows air to easily circulate so you don't overheat. 

The innovative pillow-in-pillow design of the Casper Original responds to your movements with shorter fibers in the inner pillow for adaptive support, and clump-resistant fibers in the outer pillow for added softness. The inner core nestles inside the outer layer to conform to your head position as you sleep; the outer pillow is also gusseted to allow room for movement.

Casper does not explicitly state that its pillows are hypoallergenic, as this is not something it says it can easily test for with the Original pillow. While plenty of Casper’s products do use OEKO-TEX certified cotton (which gives assurance that no toxic substances have been used in the manufacturing process), this information was not provided for the Original Casper Pillow.

Both components of the Casper Original Pillow are machine-washable. Just remove the inner pillow from the outer pillow and toss both in the washing machine using cool water on the gentle cycle. (Casper recommends running the rinse cycle twice.) The pillow is also able to be tumble-dried on low, preferably with dryer balls to help it maintain its cushiony feel.

An inside look at the Casper Original Pillow for testing

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Casper Original Pillow: Prices and deals

  • Purchase directly from Casper or on Amazon
  • Score discounts by doubling up on pillows
  • Comes with a 30-night trial and 1-year warranty

Casper offers its Original pillow in two different sizes – standard (18in x 26in) and king (18in x 34in). It retails for $65 in standard and $85 in king. However, you can save more if you double-up on pillows. Purchase two standard Casper Original pillows for $119 ($59.50 per pillow) or two kings for $159 ($79.50 per pillow).

You can choose between a mid-loft or low-loft. If you opt for the latter, know that Casper is taking 40% off its low loft Casper Original Pillow, with prices from $51 for a king. (Standard is currently sold out.) However, this is a Final Sale item, which means you can't return it for any reason except in the event of a defect. 

Meanwhile, if you're seeking a standard mid-loft Casper Original pillow, Amazon has it on sale for $40 (a 25% savings).  That's a new Amazon all-time low price. Note that buying through Amazon may subject you to Amazon's return policies, so bear that in mind should you have any issues.

If you’re unsure of which pillow to choose, visit the Casper website where you can answer a few simple questions according to your body type and sleep position. You'll then learn which pillow is the best one for you to try out. 

A 30-night sleep trial applies. Compared to other pillows in this price range, it's on par with what the Tempur-Pedic Tempur Cloud pillow offers but well below the 100 nights that come with the Coop Home Goods adjustable pillow. In any case, it's enough time for your body to adjust to the feel of a new pillow. The Casper Original pillow is backed by a 1-year warranty.


<a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="sponsored">See the Original Casper Pillow from $65 at Casper
Combi back and side sleepers will appreciate how quickly the plush-yet-firm Casper Original pillow will adapt to their shifting positions. This mid-loft pillow is available in standard or king, and comes with 30 nights for you to try it out. 

Casper Original Pillow: Performance

  • Ready to sleep on almost right out of the box
  • Looks deceptively deep but has a supportive, cloud-like feel
  • Daily fluffing is a chore, but may not always be necessary

A look at our Casper Original Pillow for testing

(Image credit: Future)

We tested the standard mid-loft Casper Original Pillow for two weeks. Our lead reviewer is a combination sleeper with a smaller frame who is accustomed to sleeping on a flat pillow – so sleeping on a taller pillow such as this was a bit of a departure for them.

Our criteria for scoring are based on ease of setup, comfort and support, temperature regulation and durability. Here's how we fared...


Score: 4.5 / 5

The Casper Original Pillow arrived in a sturdy cardboard box. It was wrapped in a thin opaque plastic bag, which only slightly compressed the pillow. The roomy packaging meant the pillow kept its shape.

There was no off-gassing odor. In fact, it smelled instantly 'clean' to sleep on. The simplicity of the packaging could not be faulted, although we would have preferred for it to be completely plastic free. 

The pillow came zipped up and fully assembled, so there was no need to put the two separate pillows together. And unlike some pillows (namely those with an adjustable loft), there was no need for us to stick it in the drier to fluff it up. We could sleep on the Original Casper Pillow almost immediately. 


Score: 5 / 5

Casper describes its pillow as 'soft yet supportive' – and this completely matched our experience. The minute our heads hit the pillow we were instantly comfortable, sinking into the soft and cozy outer soft layer without feeling stifled.

Initially, the pillow looks overly plump; however, the soft outer layer gives the illusion that this pillow is deeper than it is, and once we lay down we found a comfortable fit with plenty of natural-feeling support from the firmer inner pillow. It felt very cloud-like and airy. 

Our lead reviewer has narrow shoulders and usually sleeps on a fairly flat pillow to keep her head in proper alignment with the spine. However, she and our second reviewer (who is taller with broader shoulders) both found the Casper Original Pillow to be a great fit. 

Our lead reviewer even commented how sleeping on the Casper Pillow made her realize how unsuitable her previous pillow was. Take this simple test to learn if you're sleeping on the wrong pillow and instantly boost your sleep and well-being.


Score: 4.5 / 5

The key purpose of a pillow is to support the head and keep the upper body comfortable and aligned in all sleeping positions. Casper claims its pillow is suitable for sleepers of all stripes, whether they rest on their side, back, or stomach. Both of our testers found the Original Casper pillow conformed well to their bodies, allowing their heads to sink in and feel supported, but with an almost suspended cloud-like feeling. 

When it came to sleeping posture, they felt well aligned. Our main tester is a combination sleeper who found that sleeping on her side and back was the most comfortable. Stomach sleeping was still cozy, but our testers determined the mid-loft Casper Original may be too much pillow for those inclined to lie in this position. Thus, stomach sleepers may want to select the low loft option.

Temperature regulation

Score: 4.5 / 5

We slept on the Casper Original Pillow in a cooler bedroom environment, as well as on warmer evenings. In both cases, either tester said it never once felt too hot or stifling. 

We first used a cotton pillowcase and then a silk pillowcase. Both allowed the Original Casper Pillow to retain a crisp, cool feel – the thinner silk pillowcase, in particular, made for a satisfyingly fresh-feeling surface. Our main tester is prone to sleeping hot and found the pillow to be perfectly breathable. She didn't have to flip the pillow to the cool side, either, as with her previous pillow.

While this pillow has a crisp cotton cover and breathable weave, there are no added cooling-specific features. So if you do sleep very hot, you might want to seek a dedicated cooling pillow instead. (Read our Layla Kapok Pillow review to learn why we recommend it for side sleepers seeking relief from overheating.)

Casper Original Pillow on the inside

(Image credit: Casper)


Score: 4 / 5

From the minute we opened the box, it was clear this was a great-quality pillow (as we would expect from a top sleep brand like Casper). The design is neat and the stitching is secure – we were never worried that the filling might escape. 

It feels good to the touch too, and we’re confident that wear and tear won’t be an issue with this pillow. Such is the trust in the quality of its Original Pillow, that Casper offers a 1-year limited warranty, which covers faulty workmanship or materials. This does not cover normal wear and tear, however. While it’s always tricky to judge the durability of a pillow at first (especially after only a couple of weeks’ use), we’re confident this pillow will last beyond a year, even with regular washing.

As mentioned, Casper recommends regularly fluffing its Original Pillow (daily if possible) in order to ‘revive’ it. While the fiber clusters are designed to prevent bunching and allow for easy rejuvenation, if you don’t plump it regularly, the Original may flatten. However, Casper says the pillow will always bounce back no matter what. 

We admit daily maintenance is a chore, especially with Casper’s instructions of separating the pillows, before lightly fluffing the inner one diagonally by holding the top right and bottom left corners. You should then place the outer pillow flat on any surface and gently fluff up from the long sides. 

Original Casper Pillow: User reviews

  • Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from a combined 16,000+ reviews
  • Fans of the pillow say it's the perfect blend of firmness and softness
  • Negative reviews note clumping and crinkling sounds

Our testing panel is comprised of two individuals of varying body types and sleep needs. In order to provide a more complete picture of how the Casper Original Pillow performs, we're supplementing our own testing data with feedback from verified Casper shoppers.

As of August 2022, there are nearly 8,000 reviews for the Casper Original pillow on the brand’s website, with a star rating of approximately 4.4 out of 5 stars. It's a similar story at Amazon, where the Casper Original pillow has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from nearly 8,200 customers.

Many of the comments mirror our experience of sleeping on this pillow. One glowing review says it's “Phenomenal. Firm yet supple, soft and dreamy. Like resting on a lightly structured cloud." Says another customer, “Originally I thought it was going to be too thick, but it rested my head perfectly into a comfortable position.”

But not everybody got on with the pillow, and there were mentions of clumping, crinkling, and delivery issues. Negative feedback included, “At first it was great. Soft but supportive. After about a year of use and proper laundering, it started clumping up in spots." Says another less-than-stellar review, “One of the two pillows I bought has an unpleasant crinkling sound that annoys me.” 

There was also a comment that echoed our sentiments on packaging with plastic: “I will not order another one unless they change their overuse of packaging.”

At the time of looking at the comments, there were no responses from Casper.

Should you buy the Original Casper Pillow?

A woman sleeps on her side with the Casper Original Pillow

(Image credit: Casper)

Our lead tester is petite; our secondary tester is taller and broad. Both of them found the Original Casper Pillow comfortable, supportive, and “dreamy to sleep on.” The cloud-like outer cover is a real treat to sink into, and it never felt too stifling. There's enough support without it feeling overly firm. Between that and the option to choose a lower loft, we're confident that the Casper Original Pillow can benefit most types of sleepers.

However, there was some slight rustling with this pillow, which comes from the friction between the inner and outer pillows rubbing against each other. This may or may not be an issue, depending on how often you swap positions. (We only really noticed it when we were waking up in the morning.) There's also the potential need for regular fluffing. While we didn’t do this every day and still felt comfortable, if you want the full plumpness, you will have to go through the ritual of removing the pillowcase, separating the pillows, and fluffing each pillow separately. 

Still, we think those are relatively minor gripes when you consider just how comfortable the Casper Original Pillow is. And for the price, there is even less to complain about, especially if you can pick up a bargain in Casper's occasional sales. There's a year's warranty and a 30-night risk-free trial too, with free returns if you decide it's not quite right for you.

While there’s plenty of breathability with the Casper Original Pillow, chronically hot sleepers will want something with dedicated cooling tech, such as the premium Eight Sleep Carbon Air Pillow , which comes with a 5-year warranty and keeps its shape without much fussing needed – but its a much pricier pillow that starts at $150. 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for more tailored adjustability, then try the Layla Kapok Pillow or Coop Home Goods Adjustable Pillow, where you can add or remove the fill to suit precisely the way you sleep. These are priced similarly to the Casper Original yet include longer sleep trials of up to 120 nights, so consider these if you'd like more time to make a decision before buying.

Overall, most sleepers should find the Casper Original pillow to be a keen blend of firm support and cloud-like softness. And if you're one to listen to music or podcasts before drifting to sleep, check out the best under-pillow speakers so you can rest comfortably on your new Casper pillow and not have to fuss over headphones.

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