Apple says iPhone ready to buy on 29 June

After months of waiting, the 'Jesus phone' is almost here

As of Sunday evening, the tech world's worst-kept secret is finally out of the bag with the news that Apple will begin selling its iPhone in the US on 29 June. The confirmation of the late-June on-sale date we've long expected came when US television began to air commercials for the phone yesterday evening.

A European launch date has still to be confirmed (we anticipate it will be around November). But readers this side of the Atlantic are free to work themselves into a tech-lust frenzy by watching several of the TV spots on Apple's US website .

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Although the new Apple device has been one of the most eagerly anticipated consumer products for years, many observers predict that the high price -- among other factors -- could hold it back. As ever, our wallets will have the final say. But the amount of hype generated by Apple's trickle-down marketing machine makes it a relief that the waiting game is almost over.