Asus looks before it Leaps with 3D motion control coming to computers

Asus is set to bundle Leap Motion's motion control know-how into its high-end all-in-one (AIO) PCs and notebooks this year.

The two companies have partnered to bring 3D motion control to the computing world without the need for a separate gizmo.

Some computers will be bundled with the Leap Motion gadget, but Asus is also planning some AIOs and laptops with the tech built right in - these will come later in the year and will all use the Intel Haswell platform.

Goodbye mice

Leap Motion's 3D motion control tech can track your hand movements insanely accurately - about 200 times more accurately than the Xbox Kinect.

It can differentiate between your full hand and your 10 fingers and tracks at about 290 frames per second.

The two companies haven't hinted at what kind of price bump the Leap Motion integration will bring to Asus' hardware but given that the Leap Motion periphery will only set you back around $70 (£44ish), we're hoping not too much.