iPad pre-order delay hits lazy early adopters

Date of receiving the iPad pushed back

Apple has once again underestimated the power of the iPad and is having to delay the shipping of more recent pre-orders of the product until 7 June - a full 10 days after the official 28 May release date.

The computing company revealed the new dates on its website, meaning that if you pre-order now you won't be getting your shiny new tablet until June.

Essentially this means that those early adopters who pre-ordered, er, early won't be affected but 'late' early adopters who lackadaisically thought they could wait a little longer will have to wait a few more days before they get their hands on Apple's slate.

UK delay

The UK launch of the Apple iPad has been a long time coming for some. While Apple announced the device back in January, UK details including pricing didn't come until April.

And by this time the UK was told that they wouldn't get the device until the end of May.

It seems that Apple is overwhelmed with the consumer demand of the iPad and has even limited the ordering to two iPads per customer.

When it comes to data bundles, Vodafone, Orange and O2 all unveiled their data plans this week.

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