The best Amazon Black Friday deals 2017: day two deals are now live

Welcome to day two of Amazon's Black Friday deals campaign. It will last for ten days, with many deals of the day lasting 24 hours and then disappearing forever, while others will hang around for the duration.

We are rounding up the best deals on every day so you can keep in touch with what's going on - and we've marked when the deals expire so you know how much time you've got before you decide.

We're pretty confident that we're going to see some pretty exciting deals on a lot of popular products and not just on Black Friday itself - in the lead-up as well.

If you're worried that something you see will get cheaper later in the month, Amazon is promising that won't happen. It's price promise says the Black Friday deals of the day won't be repeated and won't be further reduced.

We've sorted today's Amazon Black Friday deals in categories to make them easier to browse.

The best Amazon Black Friday deals 2017

Amazon Prime free trial
Get 30 free days of Amazon Prime! What better time to get access to unlimited one-day (and sometimes same day) delivery, Prime Video and lots more? With Prime you can buy stuff today and get it delivered tomorrow. Amazon Prime 30 day free trialView Deal

Amazon Devices deals

New Amazon Echo: now £69.99 (normally £89.99)
Marc gave the new Amazon Echo a near perfect score in our review. It's an awesome smart speaker and the Amazon Black Friday price is £69.99 - extremely good. See the Amazon Echo at  Expires November 27
View Deal

Amazon Echo Dot: down to £34.99 (normally £49.99)
The Echo Dot also gained a highly favourable report card from our experts - it's a smaller speaker compared to the Echo but it's brilliant if you want to 'Alexafy' an existing speaker/hi-fi system. See the Echo Dot at Expires November 27
View Deal

TP-Link Smart Plug: £9.99 when bought with an Echo device
Smart plugs are awesome and allow you to turn your home devices on and off remotely via Alexa etc. Normally they cost £29.99 each but if you buy an Echo or Echo Dot at the same time Amazon will let you have one for £9.99. Expires November 27

Amazon Fire 7 Kids tablet - now £69.99 (was £99.99): This is Black Friday deal is the best discount we've seen on the 7-inch kids tablet from Amazon. This durable tablet also comes with a two year guarantee, even if your child breaks it! Much cheaper than an iPad at just £69.99. Expires November 27
View Deal

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids tablet - now £89.99 (was £129.99):
You might be thinking an extra £20 is quite a lot seeing as this tablet is only an inch bigger than the one above. But you are getting a HD screen on this one so everything  will be clearer and video content will look much better. Still a great price at just £89.99. Expires November 27
View Deal

Amazon Dash buttons: down to £1.99 (normally £4.99)
If you're a Prime subscriber, Dash buttons are super convenient. They allow you to order replacements for absolutely essential household items like beer and toilet paper.  Expires November 27
View Deal

Amazon Music Unlimited: 99p for 3 months (usually £7.99pm): Been waiting for a great deal for Amazon's Music Unlimited service? You won't find better than this. For Black Friday, new subscribers can get three months of unlimited tunes for just 99p. That's amazing considering it's usually £7.99 for one month. This is excellent for streaming on mobile and Amazon Echo devices. 99p at Amazon.

Audible audiobooks: 50% off for three months
Amazon owns Audible which is by far the biggest player in the audiobooks market. From now until the end of the month you can get 50% off your first three months of an Audible subscription.  Expires November 30
View Deal

Amazon Black Friday tech deals

Garmin Vivoactive -now £139.99 (was £159.99): That's a nice discount on one of the most accomplished fitness trackers on the market right now. A built-in GPS means you won't have go running with your phone too, which is one less excuse to not work off that Christmas turkey! A great price at £159.99. Act fast though as this offer expires at midnight tonight.View Deal

SanDisk Extreme 64GB Compact Flash Card - now £32.49 (was £43): Need a new memory card for capturing video or photos? Then this is a super low price for 64GB card and arguably the best price yet at £32.49. Expires at midnight.View Deal

SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB Compact Flash Card - now £61.49 (was £78.76): So, considerably more than the card above but the same capacity. So what gives? Well, this 'Pro' version has faster write speeds and can operate in extremely cold temperatures. Sound bit excessive? You'll be fine with the other one unless you're stalking Arctic wildlife. If you are a Polar pest though enjoy the new price of £61.49. Expires at midnight.View Deal

PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | VR Worlds | GT Sport | £249.99: Compared to last week's prices, you've saving around £150 with this brilliant PlayStation VR bundle. This bundle includes the camera, which you need to get VR to work. VR Worlds is an excellent introduction to various VR elements and GT Sport will put you directly behind the wheel of the world's hottest cars.

WD 8TB My Book USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive - Now £176.99 (was £239.99): That's some serious storage space for a great price right there. This would be great for storing media files or to extended the hard drive space on any PS4, Xbox One or Xbox One X. One caveat to consider though is that this external hard drive is powered via a mains plug, but most external drives of this size are to be honest. There's no end date on this deal, but don't expect it to last forever at a brilliant £176.99.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - now £369.99 (was £569.99):
That's a massive £200 saving on Samsung's gorgeous Galaxy S7 Edge. Better yet, this is so much cheaper than opting for a contract on this phone, or indeed the new S8. So why not save big and pair this with a cheap SIM only deal from as little as £5 a month? An amazing phone for £369.99View Deal.

Wileyfox Swift 2 smartphone: down to £109.99 (was £143.99): if you're after a cheap smartphone that still does all the main things you need from a smartphone, Amazon's Black Friday deals have the answer - this is a great option and the price is almost unbelievable. Expires November 27View Deal 

Wileyfox Swift 2 X smartphone: down to £144.99 (was £219.99): the X version of this smartphone comes with 32GB storage instead of 16GB and 3GB RAM instead of 2GB. Everything else is the same, so it's a slightly better phone for a slightly more amount of money - we'd probably go for this version. Expires November 27View Deal 

PS4 Platinum Wireless 7.1 surround sound headset £94.99 (was £130): This is one of the best PS4 headsets available and a very rare sight under £100. Considering most stores are still charging closer to the original £130 RRP, we think this is a great deal. Not only does it have 7.1 virtual surround sound, select games include '3D audio' for a complete audio experience. You can wear this over your PSVR headset too. A great price at £94.99 from AmazonView Deal.

LG 28-inch TV: down to £139 (was £149.07): we expect to see more TVs like this come up over the next week so if you're not desperate we'd advise you hold on a bit. If you need a small second screen straight away though it's always better going with a known brand like LG when prices are this low. Expires November 27View Deal 

Toshiba 43-inch 4K TV - now £329 (was £479): Toshiba's plan to focus entirely on cheap TVs has paid off and the brand is now often the go-to place for decent TVs at low prices. This 43-inch 4K model comes with Freeview Play smart features has been reduced to just £329. Expires November 27View Deal

Toshiba 49-inch 4K TV - now £379 (was £549): From the same range as the TV above, this is a 49-incher costs just £50 more than the 43-inch model above and comes with all of the same smart features. Expires November 27View Deal

Toshiba 55-inch 4K TV - now £439 (was £599): And finally you can also get the 55-inch model of this TV in Amazon's Black Friday deals sale. It's reduced to just £439 which is stunning for a 55-inch 4K TV! Expires November 27View Deal

Acer Z650 Gaming Projector - now £710 (was £899)
This 1080p full HD 3D gaming projector can create a 100-inch screen from just 1.5m away. It can also stream audio to your wireless headphones or Bluetooth speakers. It's down to £719  Expires November 27View Deal 

LG 43UJ630V - now £369 (was £429): This 43-inch TV has it all for a very low price. A HDR 4K display and with a top suite of Smart features including Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant video. It also comes with comes with five years free breakdown cover. A bargain at just £369View Deal.

Hisense H43N5500UK - now £329 (was £419): This is another excellent deal on a cheap 4K TV with a 4K HDR screen and a suite of excellent Smart TV apps. Hisense are a regular feature in our cheap TVs page and this is a bargain at just £329View Deal.

Hisense H495500UK - now £369 (was £519): For just £40 more than the offer above you can upgrade the same ace TV to a whopping 49-inch screen for an absolute beast of a cheap TV deal. Hisense are a regular feature in our cheap TVs page and this is another bargain at just £369View Deal.

Sony Bravia KDL32WE613 - down to £279: Get this 32-inch 2017 720p TV with HDR screen for just £279. It's an ideal second screen TV for the kitchen or a bedroom, and allows you to watch Netflix etc as well as record your favourite shows. See it for £279 at AmazonView Deal

Panasonic TX-40ES400B - down to £349 (was £499): this 40-incher from Panasonic features a full HD display, Freeview HD and full Smart TV features but doesn't come with HDR in this model. Despite that though it's cheaper at Amazon than anywhere else! It's down to £349View Deal

Sony Bravia KDL40RE453 - down to £369 (was £550): While this is being promoted around the web as a pre-Black Friday deal, this TV is still cheaper with its regular price at Amazon. Its full HD screen is HDR compatible and also handles USB HDD recording and smart features. It's going for just £369View Deal

Panasonic TX-40EX600B - down to £469 (was £749.99): Panasonic is hard to beat on quality when you're looking at this sort of budget. This model features a 40-inch 4K screen with HDR and 800Hz panel. A great TV at a cheap price of £469View Deal

Sony Bravia KDL43WE753 - down to £479 (was £630): if you want a good TV but you're not at all bothered about a 4K screen (maybe your broadband is not fast enough for 4K?) then you'll want a premium full HD TV like this 43-inch one! It's cheaper on Amazon compared to elsewhere - now £479View Deal

Panasonic TX-40EX700B - down to £589 (was £799.99): for a premium 40-inch TV experience look no further than this model which has been reduced by 26% since launch. It's still cheaper on Amazon compared to Currys etc and now costs £589View Deal

Panasonic TX-49EX600B - down to £579 (was £849.99): this TV is from the range below (versus the TX-40EX700B) and costs about the same amount - but this model is 49-inches rather than 40. So it's bigger and better value at £579View Deal

Sony Bravia KD43XE8004 4K - down to £601.75 (was £999): if you're looking to spend a little more money on a 4K TV but 43-inches is the right size for your spot, this Android-powered Sony TV could be for you. The Smart TV system is a step up and everything will feel a little more premium. It's down to £601.75View Deal

Sony Bravia KDL49WE753 - down to £529 (was £750):View Deal If you're after a 49-inch TV, this TV is cheapest at Amazon at just £539 currently. It's designed for picture quality and a low price, so other features might be squeezed - but that shouldn't worry you if you're not looking for a really high end model.

Panasonic TX-50EX700B - now £639 (was £949.99): this 50-inch home cinema model is now 33% reduced compared to the launch price and cannot be gotten cheaper than at Amazon right now. It's down to £639View Deal

Sony Bravia KD55XE7002 4K - down to £689 (was £1,000):View Deal this 55-inch 4K HDR Sony TV is at its cheapest ever price right now. The 55-inch size is home cinema class but the price is still highly reasonable. It's down to £689

Sony Bravia KD65XE7002 4K - down to £1,199 (was £1,500): If you want a top-end home cinema TV but with a cut price, this could be a good option. It's still expensive but you're getting a massive 4K HDR TV here with a 20% saving over the original cost. It's down to £1,199 at AmazonView Deal

Home and Kitchenware

25% off Bosch power tools
We've picked out a couple of the best deals in this promotion and placed them below. But if you'd like to see all of the discounted power tools you can see them all here Expires Midnight Tonight 

Big Brother Beanbags- now £25.99 (was £39.99): These large beanbags are great for adding an extra seat or two to a room or even garden thanks to the water resistant fabric. That'll also come in handy whenever you try sitting down with a drink and get it everywhere. £15 off the usual price today only at AmazonView Deal.

Kärcher Premium Steam Cleaner Handheld and Steam Mop In One - now £49 (was £68): Sometimes, old-fashioned elbow grease just doesn't seem to cut it. This steam cleaning mop/handheld hybrid is fantastic for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms and is a bit of steal at £49. Expires at midnightView Deal.

Nilfisk C120 7-6 Patio and Brush Pressure Washer - now £74.99 (was £98.64): Got a dirty patio? Filthy flagstones? These are first world problems and spending over the odds on a pressure washer shouldn't be another one you have to suffer through. Enjoy your time in the outdoors for just £74.99. Offer expires at midnight!View Deal

Fashion and beauty

Oral-B Genius 9000 CrossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush - now £89.99 (was £99.99): While the £10 discount may not look that big, on release this toothbrush actually cost a whopping (ridiculous) £280! This really is one of the best electric toothbrushes around though and the cheapest price we've seen at just £89.99. Expires at midnight.View Deal

Oral-B Pro 3 3000 Cross Action Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush - now £34.99 (was £59): Yeah, even at £90 the feature-laden electric toothbrush deal above is still a bit pricey. You can get a more basic (but still rechargeable) version for a much more agreeable £34.99 for today onlyView Deal.

Braun Series 3 3090 Men's Electric Shaver - now £69.99 (was £89.99): This fancy rechargeable razer comes with a docking charger that will clean charge and lubricate (a bit much right?) your razer. Amazon has shaved £20 off the price for today onlyView Deal.

Toys and baby products

K’NEX Imagine 70 Model Building Set - now £26.25 (was £36.99): To cool for Lego? With over 70 possible builds this K'nex pack should last for a while. This looks like the cheapest price yet in Amazon sale. Take a look for just £26.25. Ends at midnight tonight!View Deal

Learning Resources The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel game £10 - (was £19.99): This early learning toy helps develop colour matching, strategic thinking and hand eye coordination. A great deal at just £10, but it does expire tonight.View Deal

Meccano Max Accessory - now £112.49 (was £149.99): Sure you could buy a toy robot, but wouldn't you prefer to build your own? Yes we though so. This is a hefty discount and likely the best price we'll see this side of Christmas. Look out though as it expires at midnightView Deal.

Browse all the deals at
Don't see anything you like? Go straight to Amazon and have a browse. Deals of the day will refresh at midnight every day so if you see something you like you'll need to be decisive!

Amazon Prime and Black Friday

If you're already a member of the Amazon Prime subscription club, you've already got a head start on everyone else for Black Friday; if not, it's something worth considering ahead of time.

So, for instance, you're going to get a half-hour head start on some of the Lightning Deals on Amazon that don't stick around for long. You might also get extra discounts on prices that have dropped already, or you might get deals that don't apply to non-Prime members throughout the course of the day.

We're not sure exactly what Amazon will do when Black Friday arrives, but it's a good bet that you're going to be at an advantage if you've signed up for Amazon Prime, whether that's through nabbing exclusive deals or through getting at the deals before anyone else. 

At the moment a subscription costs you £79 (or $99) a year, or slightly more if you go month-to-month, and of course there are a host of other benefits besides improved access to the Black Friday deals. Amazon even runs its own deals day called Amazon Prime Day - exclusively for Prime members every summer.

Included in your benefits are Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Music, plenty of cloud storage for your photos, faster (usually free next day) delivery times throughout the year, and more besides. If you don't have a membership, why not sign up for a free Amazon Prime 30-day trial and enjoy the full benefits during the Black Friday shopping season?

Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon loves its Lightning Deals: as the name suggests, these are very short-lived offers that usually involve items where the stock is low, so if you don't jump in when you've got the chance, you might miss out.

Lightning Deals don't stick around for long and as mentioned earlier, they'll only be around for up to six hours. You can often pick up some very tasty discounts though.

To quote straight from Amazon, a Lightning Deal is "a promotion in which a limited number of discounts are offered on an item for a short period of time", and the easiest way to find them is to click through on Today's Deals page. Don't forget that Prime members get early access to the Lightning Deals on Amazon, so it might be worth you signing up if you haven't already.

Black Friday deal predictions

We're still over a week away from this year's Black Friday sale, but you can make some pretty good educated guesses as to what may possibly get a discount based on a) what else is on sale throughout the year and b) what's been on sale during previous events.

While we've picked out our favourite historical deals a little further down the page, you can almost certainly guarantee that Amazon's own line of products – including the Echo and Echo Dot speakers, Fire stick, Fire tablets and Kindle e-Readers.

Also, if you're a Prime member, it's worth keeping an eye on the Early Access deals that are on offer, with a wide variety of items from wearable tech to homeware on offer.

As for odds-on deals, expect to see the Xbox One and PS4 heavily discounted, massive savings on Blu-rays and computer accessories.

Amazon Black Friday deals

Ahead of Black Friday 2017, here are the best deals we saw during Black Friday 2016, just to whet your appetite for this year's extravaganza.

PS4 Black Friday deals - we didn't have the supercharged PS4 Pro to drool over last year but we did have the original console on sale for under £200 with two games, plus the 500GB edition, with Lego Star Wars and The Force Awakens Blu-ray, for £229.99.

More recently Sony has been offering the Pro version of the console together with Horizon Zero Dawn for a mere £349.99.

Xbox One/One S Black Friday deals - last year the Xbox One X was just a rumour, but Amazon treated buyers to the 500GB Xbox One S plus Minecraft plus Forza Horizon 3 for £199.99. Xbox Live 12 Month Gold memberships were going for £24.99 apiece too.

Since the last Black Friday we've also seen the same £199.99 price attached to an Xbox One S bundle that includes Forza Horizon 3 and Destiny 2.

Computing Black Friday deals - there were a host of computing deals last year, including £200 off the ASUS Flip UX360UA 13.3-inch Touchscreen Zenbook Notebook (down to £599.99) and a very capable HP Slimline 410-135na Desktop machine for just £329.99.

More recently, Amazon has been seen knocking £180 off its Vibox Vision 2SXLW Gaming PCs, putting them down to £639.95 with free delivery. If you want a gaming rig at a low price, it's well worth checking out.

Audio Black Friday deals - audiophiles were certainly spoiled during Black Friday 2016, with more than 50% off the Sennheiser HD 598 headphones, down from £199.99 to £89 on the day, and the Sonos Play:1 smart wireless speaker down to £138 from £169.

Another great deal we saw recently on Amazon was £55 knocked off the Sony MDR-ZX770BN wireless and noise-cancelling headphones - which means you could pick them up for just £95. For some high-fidelity home entertainment, we've also seen the Denon RCDM40DAB receiver down to £179, a tempting reduction of £70.

Camera Black Friday deals - those after a discounted camera during Black Friday 2016 could've gone for the Canon EOS M3 and lens, available for £409 rather than £479.99, or the GoPro HERO Session Bonus Bundle Action Camera, down to £149 from £200.97.

The Canon EOS 200D was recently reduced from £679.99 to a mere £549.00 which is an incredible discount and a whopping saving of £130.99.

Phone Black Friday deals - we saw a lot of great deals covering smartphones last year, including the excellent Wileyfox Swift 2, discounted from £174.99 to £119.99, and a significant £180 drop for the Sony Xperia X, down from £499.99 to £319.99 on the site.

Another fine deal we spotted recently was £60.99 off the Blu Vivo 5R, a reduction of more than a third, which meant you could get it for £109.

Smart Home Black Friday deals - smart home enthusiasts had plenty to tempt them with 30% off the Netatmo Smart Thermostat on Amazon on Black Friday 2016, down to just £99.99 from £142.37, and up to 40% off various bits of Philips Hue lighting kit as well.

Television Black Friday deals - plenty of bargain hunters picked up a smart TV last year. You could, for example, have got yourself a Panasonic TX-40DX600B 40-inch TV for £429 instead of £549.99, or a Sony Bravia KD49XD7004BU 49-inch TV for £550 instead of £799.

Wearable Black Friday deals - smartwatches and fitness trackers were a big part of Black Friday 2016 too, with £50 off the Fitbit Blaze in gunmetal, for instance, knocked down from £179.99 to £129.99, and up to 40% off various Withings activity trackers during the day.

Amazon on Black Friday 2017: what you need to know

Amazon might have its own in-house discount day of sales for Prime members, but that doesn't stop it going all-in when it comes to Black Friday, and there aren't many retailers who can match it for the breath or size of its discounts. If you want to find the biggest discounts on Black Friday, be sure to check in on Amazon.

Thanks to Amazon's rather cluttered interface though, it's not always easy to get to the many great deals on offer - and hopefully, that's where we can help out. On this page we'll be highlighting the best offers for you to save you a lot of clicking and scrolling around.

We've been given a sneak preview of some of the Black Friday 2017 discounts that Amazon's planning, and while we can't share them with you yet, there are some treats in store - from short-term Lightning Deals to major discounts on hot gadgets that will run through Black Friday and beyond.

The top 5 Amazon Black Friday deals last year

1. Amazon Echo

Amazon loves to discount its own kit during Black Friday, and 2016 was no different, with £40 off the full-size Echo to make it yours for just £119.99 rather than the usual £159.99.

2. Xbox One S bundle

Console bundles were popular during Black Friday, and one that particularly caught our eye was the Xbox One S 500GB model plus Minecraft and a controller for £204.99.

3. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle remains the ereader to beat, and the Paperwhite is one of the best models - last year the lightweight device was on sale for £79.99 as opposed to the usual price of £109.99.

4. MSI Gaming Notebook

Few laptops match power with portability quite as well as the MSI GL62 15.6-inch Core i5 laptop does, and last year it was yours for £649.99 from Amazon, £100 off the retail price.

5. Sony Bravia KD65XD7504BU

Black Friday is a great time to get discounts on big ticket TVs, and if you were around last year you could get the Sony Bravia KD65XD7504BU 65-inch TV for £1,149 instead of £1,699.