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Overwatch Legendary Edition is 66% off in Blizzard’s big Holiday Sale

Blizzard has unleashed another sale at, with lots of games getting some big discounts for the holiday period – including a massive price drop for Overwatch Legendary Edition, which is now available for £16.99.

Normally, the beefed-up version of Overwatch would set you back £49.99, so that’s a pretty impressive two-thirds off the usual asking price.

Naturally enough, that’s not the only game on offer, and there are in fact a stack of reduced titles if you peruse We’ve picked out some of the top offers below, and remember that these deals run through until January 7, 2019 (with some slight variations in the exact timing).

Overwatch Legendary Edition £49.99 £16.99 at
The Legendary Edition of the shooter gives you extra skins and other in-game goodies, plus at £16.99, it’s actually cheaper than it was on Black Friday (when the game was £19.99). Deal expires 6pm January 7.View Deal

Destiny 2: Forsaken – Legendary Collection £49.99 £29.99 at
This compilation gives you the core game, along with the following two expansions, plus Forsaken, the latest (and largest) expansion. So you’re getting a big pile of stuff, in short, with a 40% discount. Deal expires 6pm January 7.

View Deal

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth £39.99 £22.99 at
The seventh expansion for World of Warcraft is almost half price, and again much cheaper than it was on Black Friday, when you had to fork out £29.99. Deal expires 5pm January 7. View Deal

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Standard Edition £49.99 £32.49
The latest Call of Duty game gets the fun factor back, we observed in our review, and it’s the most content-rich instalment in years – and now you can get it with a 35% discount. Deal expires 6pm January 7.View Deal

Check out the other Holiday Sale deals right here – and there are plenty of them, including Diablo III at half price and StarCraft Remastered which is also £8.49.