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The best iPhone XS deals and contracts in July 2021

It wasn't that long ago that iPhone XS deals were one of the latest and greatest options from Apple. Now, they've been superseded and prices are starting to fall making now the perfect time to invest.

Realistically, when the iPhone XS first dropped, it was out of most people's budgets. Landing with an RRP of £999, it was in the realms of iPhone 11 Pro deals or Samsung S20 Plus deals.

Since then we've seen iPhone XS deals come crashing down in price with the launch of the iPhone 11 trio knocking a good £100 off the SIM-free cost of the XS. So it's now more affordable, but is it good?

Despite it now falling behind in the Apple range, this remains an excellent device and isn't all that different from the iPhone 11. It features a smart camera with HDR, an incredibly powerful processor for a 2019 device, a stunning device and even a healthy battery.

While it won't quite compete with iPhone 11 deals and especially the even newer iPhone 12 deals, the XS remains one of Apple's best investments in phones to date. Below we've picked out all of the best iPhone XS deals for you to compare and answered some key questions you might have.

iPhone XS deals

iPhone XS review and specs in brief

Like the excellent iPhone X...just a whole lot better


Screen size: 5.8-inches | Resolution: 1125 x 2436 | Rear camera: 12MP | Weight: 177g | OS: iOS 12 | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 64GB/256GB/512GB | External storage: No | Battery: 2716mAh

Reasons to Buy

That rapid A12 Bionic chip
Speaker improvement
Display remains staggering

Reasons to Avoid

Didn't you see the price!?

If the iPhone X was the massive innovative leap that we'd been hoping Apple would make for years, then the XS feels a lot more like the iterative update that we'd been getting used to over the previous few Septembers.

But don't imagine for one moment that means Apple has totally rested on its laurels. There's a brand new so-called Bionic chipset in the iPhone XS - the computing lengths the company wants you to achieve with the XS are extraordinary. We've also been told about enhancements to the main camera, an extra 1GB of RAM and an incredible 512GB of storage on the costliest model.

Only you know whether you need a smartphone as advanced as the iPhone XS. But if you do, you won't find any better deals around than on this very page.

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iPhone XS deals: FAQ

Is the iPhone XS worth your time now the 11 is here?

Yes! If anything, there has never been a better time to get your hands on this device. After the release of the trio of 11 handsets, the XS has plummeted down in price. Now you can get iPhone XS deals at a far lower price than before, securing you an impressive iPhone at a bargain.

Should I go SIM-free or get an iPhone XS contract?

This is completely up to you and depends on what kind of plan you're looking for. Going SIM-free and purchasing a SIM only deal will be the cheaper of the two options over the two years but it will require a massive upfront spend.

Going for a contract on the other hand splits your payments up and while it will cost more over the two years, it will be the most manageable form of payment.

Will iPhone XS deals get discontinued?

While a number of iPhones have stared to get discontinued over the years, the iPhone XS is likely to remain safe for a while. it is still one of the newest iPhones and will likely have a few more years before retailers start to drop it.

Currently the iPhone XS appears to be in a stage where prices are dropping, making it more affordable than ever but as soon as retailers begin to pull stock, prices are likely to level out or go back up.

Is the iPhone XS good value for the specs on-board?

When the XS first launched, it was by no means affordable. However, over time we have watched as the price quickly dropped away, now making this an excellent value device for the kind of specs it offers.

Prices can now frequently been seen under £700 which by the standards of Apple's recent flagships is a bit of a bargain really!

Is the upgrade to the iPhone XS Max worthwhile?

iPhone XS Max deals will mean a decent bump in costs but one that could easily be worthwhile if you like to be getting the most power from your phone that you can. 

However, for what you would be paying to get the XS Max, you could easily go for iPhone 11 deals. They will still come in at a lower price tag while offering better specs overall.

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