Forget Prime Day, the popular Little Green carpet cleaner is a third-off at Walmart

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Amazon Prime Day deals are here, but it's not the only store featuring great discounts right now, Walmart currently has some solid offers on the popular Bissell Little Green carpet cleaner that you shouldn't ignore.

The Bissell Little Green carpet and upholstery cleaner is currently $44-off right now, making it just $79 at Walmart.

The Little Green is a super-popular model because it's not only a helpful cleaning tool but is more portable than many other carpet cleaners, and is pretty stylish too. 

It can be a tough gadget to find too, so this discount is one you might want to take advantage of while you can.

(Not in the US? Scroll down to see the best Little Green deals where you are).

Get the Little Green at a lean mean price

Bissell Little Green: $123.34 now $79 at Walmart

Bissell Little Green: was $123.34 now $79 at Walmart
This small but mighty multi-purpose carpet cleaner is popular for a good reason. This portable machine can help you clean carpets, upholstery, and other soft surfaces so you no longer have to worry about coffee stains or muddy paw prints. Best of all it's currently $44 off at Walmart.

Bissell Little Green Pro: $153now $128 at Walmart

Bissell Little Green Pro: was $153 now $128 at Walmart
If you need a carpet cleaner with a bit more oomph, then you might prefer the Pro model of Bissell's Little Green. It's currently $25 off at Walmart and promises to help you perform a deeper clean of your carpets and upholstery compared to the regular Littel Green.

Bissell Little Green ProHeat: $139.99now $131 at Amazon

Bissell Little Green ProHeat: was $139.99 now $131 at Amazon
This 6% saving isn't a massive discount, but you can still snag this popular cleaning gadget at less than full price at Amazon right now (and you don't need to be a Prime member). The Pro Heat comes with improved technology like a hydro rinse tool that rinses the hose to keep it clean, and Heatwave tech that helps maintain a more consistent temperature for improved cleaning capabilities.

If you don't regularly clean your carpets (we know that's at least a quarter of you reading this) you should probably be looking to get one of these Little Green deals or another carpet cleaner. 

And we don't just mean running over it with one of the best cordless vacuums, or getting one of best robot vacuum cleaners to do the work for you. A carpet cleaner is important too as while vacuums will clear away debris, they won't completely remove the dirt and germs that have soaked into the fabric. They can also help to eliminate any bad odors and keep your house feeling and smelling fresh.

If you're after more than a carpet cleaner check out our round-up of this year's best Amazon Prime Day vacuum deals.

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