E-Ten Glofiish X500

Is the product as interesting as its name?

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Our Verdict

Buying a different phone and a GPS add-on could be cheaper than the X500


  • Decent screen resolution

    Good bundled software


  • Expensive with a plasticky feel

The X500 is a light smartphone in an already crowded smartphone marketplace. Using a simple chassis, the screen takes up the majority of available space, with a few buttons surrounding it. Interaction is via the stylus and touch sensitive screen.

Connectivity options include the usual technologies such as Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE, and quad-band GSM but a surprising omission is support for 3G, with a future model to support this.

As compensation, you get a two-megapixel camera, GPS receiver and FM radio built in. Although the camera's quality is good, with plenty of filters, the FM radio isn't so hot since it only managed to pick up one station when we tested it.

The X500 has plenty of good points: the screen is a decent resolution, the bundled software is great, not to mention strong PC connectivity. However, the price is a lot higher than other devices.

Even though some other models may not offer built-in GPS, buying a different phone and a GPS add-on could be cheaper than the X500, a device whose plasticky exterior does not feel like something worth £430.