More color options are rumored for the Samsung Galaxy S24 phones

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series
The Samsung Galaxy S23 series (Image credit: Samsung)

We've already heard quite a bit about what we can expect from the Samsung Galaxy S24 series – expected to land in the middle of January – but a new leak teases some extra details about the color options that are going to be available.

According to seasoned tipster Roland Quandt (via SamMobile), a parts seller supplying SIM card slots for the upcoming phones has revealed that you'll be able to buy the standard and the Plus editions in orange, purple, and white.

Samsung will of course come up with some special name for those colors (it used labels such as "Phantom Black" and "Cream" for its flagship devices this year), but it gives us a better idea of the different model varieties that are going to be available.

Based on the rumors to date, the Samsung Galaxy S24 colors will include black, gray, violet, yellow, orange, light blue, and light green, at least for the non-Ultra models. This leak confirms orange and violet, and adds white to the mix as well.

Previous leaks

Samsung Galaxy S24 leaks have been pretty easy to come by in recent weeks, giving us a better idea of what the standard model, the Plus model, and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra are going to bring with them when they see the light of day.

Earlier this month a major leak revealed all of the spec configurations that are coming our way with these handsets, and those configurations include up to 12GB of RAM and up to 1TB of internal storage, depending on the model you pick.

We've also heard that plenty of AI is going to be packed into these handsets, so that might cover everything from the ability to generate text and images on demand, to better processing for the photos and the videos that you take.

Meanwhile, Ultra HDR support is rumored to be rolling out on the displays attached to the Samsung Galaxy S24, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. All should be revealed at some point next month.

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