Samsung Galaxy S24 leaks hint at more AI and a smaller Ultra model

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series
The Samsung Galaxy S23 series (Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy S24 could be just a month or so away from being officially unveiled, but in the meantime we have some unofficial leaks that tease what could be coming – and the latest one involves a couple of AI-powered features.

Tipster Ahmed Qwaider (via SamMobile) says that you'll be able to circle items on screen to run a search on them, and that the built-in Voice Recorder app will be able to automatically identify up to 10 different voices in a conversation.

That latter feature is going to be useful for anyone who attends a lot of lectures or conducts a lot of interviews, and it means the Samsung Voice Recorder will be stronger competition for the Recorder app that Google puts on its own Pixel phones. However, it does look as though this might be a Galaxy S24 Ultra exclusive.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere you look in tech right now, and we've previously heard that the S24 series is going to be packed with AI features – including, perhaps, some advanced photo editing tricks similar to those that the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro can do.

The Samsung Galaxy S28 Pro?

Another rumor today, from South Korean tipster Naver (via @Tech_Reve), suggests that Samsung is thinking about introducing a model to compete directly with the iPhone 15 Pro – maximum power, in a smaller form factor.

To us that sounds like a smaller version of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, but according to the source, it's actually being considered as part of the more affordable FE line – see our Samsung Galaxy S23 FE review for the latest handset in that lineup.

Based on the existing roadmap, the leak says, nothing is going to change with the Galaxy S series in terms of which phones we get until at least the Galaxy S28. That would take us all the way to 2028 – so perhaps we might see a direct iPhone Pro competitor then.

In the meantime, all eyes are on what Samsung is going to unveil with the Galaxy S24 next month. If the rumors are to be believed, January 17 is the date when the launch is scheduled for – and there might be other products on show too.

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