Samsung Galaxy S24 leaks point to design changes and more AI than the Pixel 8

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series
The Samsung Galaxy S23 series (Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is slowly coming into view as its expected early 2024 launch window gets closer, and the latest from the rumor mill suggests that the phone series will be packed full of AI smarts – and come with a design tweak on the Ultra model, too.

Sources speaking to SamMobile say that Samsung will be "going all in with artificial intelligence" on its upcoming flagship phones – and indeed that the company wants to make these handsets "the smartest AI phones ever".

That clearly means that Samsung's engineers have seen what Google has done with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, and are wanting to go even further. Certain features will closely mimic what tools such as ChatGPT can already do, SamMobile says.

Even a quick read of our Google Pixel 8 review is enough to tell you how much AI is packed in: AI tech can remove background noise on videos, or help you create composite photos in which all of your family members are smiling at the same time.

All the AI

We don't get much detail about what Samsung is planning, but there are mentions of text-to-image generative AI (something you can do with Dall-E, for example), and an upgrade for the speech-to-text engine offered on the phones.

And it would appear that Samsung hasn't given up on Bixby yet, either. According to SamMobile, the digital assistant could be pushed back into the spotlight as the focus is put on AI, in a direct challenge to Google Assistant and Google Bard.

Our other Galaxy S24 leak today concerns the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Prolific tipster @UniverseIce says that the speaker on the bottom edge of the phone will be one long grille, rather than a series of holes – reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S9 from 2018.

All will be revealed next year, with those in the know suggesting that January is the month when the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra will break cover – so slightly earlier in the year than their direct predecessors.

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