The Samsung Galaxy S24 could borrow the Pixel 8’s best AI features

Samsung Galaxy S23 screen held at an angle
The Samsung Galaxy S23 (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

We’ve been hearing for a while that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will be Samsung’s first ‘AI phone’, and now we have a clearer idea of what that means, as a selection of AI features that the company is seemingly working on have now leaked. 

Leaker @BennettBuhner (via Android Police) has posted various screenshots on X, showing AI features that will reportedly be included in Samsung’s upcoming One UI 6.1 software update, and some of them sound a lot like what we’ve seen on the Google Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro.

As an example, you can reportedly drag people, pets, and objects from one position to another in photos, much like with Google’s Magic Editor. The leak also mentions being able to create AI wallpapers in a very similar way to how you can on the Pixel 8, by telling the phone the subject and background that you want.

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Other leaked AI features include the ability to add weather effects to a wallpaper on the lock screen, so for example you could change a sunny image to make it rainy instead.

You can also reportedly expand a photo beyond its borders and have Samsung’s AI fill in the rest, move a subject from one image to another, automatically turn big blocks of text into easy-to-read bullet points, isolate voices so they’re clearer in loud environments when on calls, and live translate voice calls, so that both speakers can hear the other in their native language.

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If these features all arrive on the Samsung Galaxy S24 line then these phones could rival the Google Pixel 8 for AI skills, though you might not even need Samsung’s upcoming flagship for this, as One UI 6.1 will also be rolled out to the Samsung Galaxy S23 and many of the other best Samsung phones.

Though whether all the AI features will be included on these existing phones is unclear, since some might leverage the AI abilities of new chipsets like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. We should find out soon, as One UI 6.1 is expected to land in January, possibly alongside the Galaxy S24.

And 2024 looks set to be the year of AI, because Google is sure to keep pushing ahead with AI on the Pixel 9 line, and we’d expect other companies will start making AI a real focus too.

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