More Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 leaks suggest it's coming for Fitbit's crown

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2
The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 (Image credit: Michael Sawh)

Information continues to leak out in advance about the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3, and the latest rumor to reach us suggests that the upcoming fitness tracker from Samsung could give the best Fitbits some very strong competition.

According to leaker Ahmed Qwaider (via SamMobile), the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 is going to boast a 1.61-inch screen with a 302 pixels-per-inch density. It will apparently be constructed out of aluminum, and weigh 21.39 grams.

The colors you'll reportedly be able to buy the wearable in are said to be gray, silver, and pink gold – and the device is said to offer up to 21 days of battery life, which is an impressive timespan for a tracker with a color display.

This all adds extra detail to rumors that we've previously come across regarding the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3. We've already seen leaked renders of the fitness tracker, for example, showing off the larger screen on this model.

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Versus the Galaxy Fit 2

We had heard that the Galaxy Fit 3 would be carrying a larger battery than its predecessor, but 21 days is a lot of time between charges. In our Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 review, we struggled to get to the 15 days of battery life that Samsung promised for general use.

The Galaxy Fit 2 was actually supposed to offer a 21-day battery life in low-power mode, though we didn't see anything close to that in our tests. The Galaxy Fit 3 may well pack a bigger capacity battery, but it also seems to have a larger, smartwatch-style screen.

Considering we reported around a week's worth of use between charges in our Fitbit Sense 2 review, 21 days seems ambitious – but we're going to have to wait and see what Samsung's engineers have managed to do with the limited space on this device.

With the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 now showing up in regulatory databases, a launch could happen at any time now. Samsung may decide to launch it alongside the Samsung Galaxy S24, which is said to be coming in January 2024.

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