The Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 could come with a big battery life upgrade

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 on a wrist
A replacement for the Galaxy Fit 2 is overdue (Image credit: Future)

It's been a while since Samsung launched a dedicated fitness tracker wearable, but the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 is shaping up rather nicely, based on the leaks we've seen so far – and it could come with improved battery life, too.

As spotted by MySmartPrice, regulatory filings have emerged in Germany and India for a device that is very likely to be the Galaxy Fit 3. They reveal some of the specs of the wearable, including the battery capacity and charging speed.

The battery capacity is listed as 200mAh, which is 41mAh more than its predecessor – see our Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 review for details. In our testing of the previous model, we were managing about seven days between charges.

That increased capacity suggests better battery life might be a possibility, although it's also worth bearing in mind that the Fit 3 is rumored to have a larger screen, which is going to have an impact on time between charges as well.

What we might see

The Galaxy Fit 3's charging speed, meanwhile, is listed at 5W. Try as we might we can't find the same spec for the Fit 2, but it's likely to be similar. The Galaxy Fit 2 charges from zero to full in a little under two hours, according to Samsung.

An improved suite of sensors has previously been rumored for the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3, and there's a distinct possibility that some kind of generative AI will be involved (see also the Samsung Galaxy S24 and just about every other upcoming device at the moment).

We're on the record as wanting to see built-in GPS and an always-on display from the Galaxy Fit 3, and there's definitely room for improvement over the Galaxy Fit 2 – which was launched all the way back in 2020.

The appearance of the Galaxy Fit 3 at various regulators is a clear sign that a launch is imminent: it's not clear exactly when that might be, but the updated fitness tracker could certainly appear alongside the Samsung Galaxy S24, most probably in January.

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