Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 leaks may reveal a surprise Fitbit Charge 6 rival

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2
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Samsung may be gearing up for a return to fitness trackers as a series of leaked images have surfaced revealing what is said to be the new Galaxy Fit 3.

The leak comes from the tech news site Windows Report and the pictures show the device will have a substantially larger screen than the previous model: the Galaxy Fit 2. The display is wider to the point where it juts out from the strap. It’s like a stockier version of the Fitbit Charge 6. The extra space is seemingly being put to good use as it’ll be able to house a digital clock readout, the data, current battery life, and what appears to be a heart rate monitor next to a pedometer. On the side is a single button, presumably for returning to the home screen. 

Looking at the back, you will find a three-sensor array that could be used for measuring a person’s heart rate or skin temperature. The Galaxy Watch 6, for example, can detect the latter so it’s possible that Samsung could implement the tech into the tracker. 9To5Google in their report points out there are a couple of notches on the band around the watch face. They postulate that perhaps these are buttons to “release the springs” around the device or a relief allowing air circulation for sweat.

This is pretty much all we can gather from the leak. There isn’t a whole lot of other information. Not even a brief specs sheet or what operating system it'll run. Windows Report argues the Galaxy Fit 3 could have some of the same features as the Fit 2 like the AMOLED screen or accelerometer. However, keep in mind that this is all just speculation. We don’t know what the tracker will have internally.

Analysis: Getting ready for generative AI

The question lingering in our mind is, “Why now?” Why, after three years of radio silence, is Samsung deciding to release another fitness tracker? Well, we have a theory and it has to do with generative AI. 

In 2023, the industry has seen wearables launch with generative AI capabilities like the new Amazfit Cheetah running watches with their Zepp Coach feature. Next year, the Fitbit Charge 6 will also have its own chatbot providing performance assessments to help you better understand how to improve your workouts.

As it so happens, Samsung is working on its own AI model. We recently learned about Gauss, “an on-device LLM” (large language model) that can help with menial tasks such as writing emails or summarizing documents. What if Samsung is working on its own fitness AI? The Galaxy Fit 3 could house its own generative workout coach giving users advice. That could explain why the tracker has such a large screen. The extra space will make it easy to read your results or the LLM’s workout advice.

That’s our best guess at the moment. However, as with every leak and speculation, take it all with a grain of salt. Things could always change or never come to fruition.

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